What Does Horse Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Horses


What does it mean to see a Horse in a dream? What is it to see a white, black and brown horse, horse running, to see wild horse, a dead horse and other interpretations.

What Does Horse Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Horses

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Dreaming about a horse has several meanings, but overall it has a positive aspect. After all, the horse is an animal that has been with man for a long time. It is linked to mythology, being considered sacred. But it is also used for traction in work in the fields. This animal is present in the famous races and can even be considered a hobby, as there are people who breed it for pure pleasure. In other words, the horse has a historical importance.

Certainly, one of the possible symbologies is that, because the horse shares several activities with the human being, this refers to companionship. Similarly, dreaming of a horse can be a good omen as it signifies a friendship relationship. After all, this animal has a connection with man since antiquity.

Remember that the real meaning of the dream will depend on a number of factors. For example, the species of the horse, its color, the way in which this animal appears and, above all, the moment in which the dreamer is. To better understand what this dream wants to tell you, see below possibilities to interpret each characteristic of the animal. Check out the main variations:

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Dream of a white horse

The color of the horse directly interferes with the meaning of the dream. Just as white reminds us of peace and good things, it transcends dreams. Dreaming of a white horse is a sign of prosperity and wealth. You will have a moment of good luck. However, the way this animal appears can signal attention. For example, if the horse is chasing you in the dream, this could indicate a problem related to sexuality. It is important to analyze what is happening in your privacy.


Dream of a black horse

Dreaming of a black horse is directly linked to our unconscious. In other words, it is a sign of mystery, of wild things. Indicates that something needs to be clarified. So, you have to go back to yourself and seek your emotional side to understand what is happening. It is the moment of self-knowledge in search of emotional and psychological tranquility.

Dream of a brown horse

Dreaming of a brown horse is a message to pay more attention to your own life. It’s time to focus on your goals and feelings. The brown horse symbolizes the events of individual life, the professional side. To dream of a brown horse running indicates that it is necessary to have courage to face problems and thus achieve success. Use your skills to face the obstacles that will appear.

Dream of a red horse

Finding a red horse is rare enough. In this way, dreaming about this animal is not very common. But if you’re thinking that all this weirdness refers to some negative aspect, you’re wrong. Lucky is he who dreams of a red horse. This represents luck in all aspects of life, career, finances and love. Soon good things will happen for you!

Dream of a horse running

Dreaming of a horse running is a good omen. It symbolizes freedom. It shows that you can do whatever you want with your life, both personally and professionally. No one can impose wills on your actions. It is even better if in the dream you are running with the horse and manage to dominate it. This indicates your mastery over your emotions and instincts. On the other hand, if you’re riding the runaway horse, beware! This symbolizes your emotions about your rationality. You are not able to think clearly.

Dream about a wild horse

The wild horse symbolizes the obstacles you will face in your life. If in the dream you manage to tame it, this is a good omen. It means that you will have enough skills to overcome all the barriers that appear.

Dream about a dead horse

As you may have already guessed, dreaming of a dead horse is not a good sign. It indicates that you will soon lose a solid friendship. If you are sick and dreamed of the death of this animal, take care! This indicates that your illness will take time to heal. Also, dreaming of a dead horse shows that you should beware of unscrupulous people around you. It could be that they are trying to trick you and take advantage of you.

Other interpretations for the dream

Another possible interpretation is that this animal represents our unconscious, our emotional structure. Dreaming of a horse can show something related to our fears and instincts. It may even have to do with overcoming an addiction. However, as we cannot control what is going on in our unconscious, it is important to keep an eye on our attitudes. In this way, we can capture the message of the dream and rationally improve whatever is necessary.


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