What Does Flood Mean In A Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Flood


Interpretation of dreams about flood, dirty and clean water flood, helping flood victims. Meaning of dreams about flood.

Meaning of Dreams About Flood

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Meaning of Dreams About Flood

Dreaming of floods can cause panic and despair when you wake up, as it gives you a feeling of loss. But don’t despair! Dreaming about floods is not linked to any tragedy that will happen in your life and there are no reasons for distress. A flood occurs when water does not find a defined path to exit. The lack of this route causes the water, caused by rains that arrive in greater volume than expected, to overflow.


Therefore, dreaming that you are witnessing a flood can be an alert that a personal conflict is unleashing within you, and that you need to better express your feelings and energies and, if you do not resolve that conflict, it may overflow and affect other areas of your life, as professional and social.

Keep reading the different dreams about floods that we have collected in order to find the true symbolism of your dream.

Dream about a flash flood

Water is associated with emotions, and the arrival of a flood indicates that an infinity of deep feelings are appearing in your path. If you dream of a flood that comes suddenly, it may be that you find yourself in a love relationship in which your partner is overwhelming you with an excess of sentimentality.


This may be a sign from your subconscious that you are in a turbulent and unstable relationship and that it is overly absorbing you. The flood can represent a call for help from within.

If you dream that the water of a flood covers you

To dream that you are in the water in a flood means that you are immersed in deep feelings and desires that you cannot control. It may be that you are trying to hide those feelings and emotions from yourself, so explore your interior and do a self-analysis to see if there are any wishes or feelings that need to be externalized.


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Dreaming of being washed away by a flood

To dream that you are in the water during a flood and you are dragged and carried by it, can indicate a present or future situation from which it will not be possible to escape, so the situation requires a clear answer. It can be both at work, in your relationship, or at home. The fact is, you shouldn’t put off situations or decisions.

If the flood is clean water

If you dream of a flood of clean water covering everything around you, it means that your life is being passed clean, that is, it is being purified.

It is a time when things begin to improve in all aspects of your life: financial, family, emotional and professional. Clean water purifies, washes and brings health. Dreaming of a flood of clean water can be a good omen of positive changes.

If the water is dirty

Contrary to the dream of clean water, dreaming of dirty and cloudy water usually refers to some situation you are going through, as well as concerns or desires. In general, dreaming of dirty and cloudy water means that the properties of the water are no longer the same, it is impure and polluted. Dirty water does not carry life and can bring various diseases, in addition to not possessing the characteristics of purification.


It is also possible to understand that dream as the representation of the need for personal cleansing. It is a reflection on all the sectors of your life and on which of them need changes. Try to do a spiritual purification and reflect on what you can improve in your life.


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If in your dream you are far from where a flood occurs

To dream that a flood is taking place, but that you are far from it means that there are feelings and ideas about you that you reject and are not prepared to handle and accept.

It is a sign of a certain emotional immaturity related to a specific situation in your life. It is worth reflecting on everything that is happening around you and discovering if there is a specific situation or feeling that you are rejecting or avoiding for any reason.

If in the flood you see how material goods are washed away

If you dream of a flood that carries things like, for example: cars, houses, streets and buildings, it may mean that you need to make some changes in your life or that you are afraid of unwanted transformations.

Water is the symbol of emotions and even the unconscious, so the flood dragging things in your dream can mean that you also need to wash away impurities and negative situations that may be affecting your life, thus opening space for new positive options. enter it.

If during the flood you are in a high place

If you dream that you are in a high place while a flood is taking place, it may be an indication that there are problems on the road and you need to prepare to solve them.

The positive side of this dream is that you will be able to prepare for adversity, unlike the dream of being swept away by an avalanche, for example, which shows your lack of options in such a situation. Who dreams of a flood that passes far from the place where it is found has options to choose the best attitudes to take.

If the flood is in your house

If you dream that a flood has flooded your house, it is a sign that your feelings are being repressed and you try to vent but you cannot. Try talking to people you trust, open up to them for emotional relief.

Remember that dreaming of water, especially in abundance like in a flood, means that you have many internalized emotions. Your house represents your interior, that is, yourself. Try to open up more and externalize your emotions.

Dreaming of a flood and a lot of mud

Dreaming of flooding and mud is indicative that you are about to go through some complicated situation. In general, this type of dream with flood and mud is an omen that should not be a cause for concern, simply coordinate your thoughts and actions in a positive way, eliminate all the negativity that is inside you, since everything will return to normal. quickly.


Dreaming that you suffer a flood but do not drown

If you dream that you were in a flood but you are not drowning, it is a positive sign of overcoming. This type of dream indicates that, despite problems and adversities, you have managed to overcome and overcome danger. Stand firm in your positions and actions and you will be safe in relation to any tribulation that may come your way.

Dreaming about helping flood victims

In the case of dreaming of a flood in which you help the victims, the dream is related to good luck. It means that you are in a favorable moment of your life and that all the attitudes and good actions that you practice with others are returning in the form of benefits. Dreaming of a risky situation in which you manage to save people and do good is always a good dream. Keep practicing good and the greatest beneficiary will be you!

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