What Does Fish Mean In A Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Fishes


What does it mean to see fish in a dream? What does it mean to feed fish,  fish showing scales, swim with fish, eating fish and dream of live fish? Interpretations of dreams about fish.

What Does Fish Mean In A Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Fishes

Dreaming of fish expresses a closeness with our own unconscious, it is an inner journey . Certainly this indicates the moment to get in touch with your intimate, your psychic structure. That is, what was kept and without conscience, comes to the surface, making it necessary to be aware.

Symbolically speaking, the fish is an animal linked to the emotional side. In summary, this factor is closely associated with the zodiac sign. In such a way that being more sensitive ends up being characteristic of a Pisces person. Surely you must have heard that if someone is a Pisces sign, they are always dispersing and are very sentimental. While this is due to the fact that the fish lives in the water, it is also an element of representation of psychic contents.

Surely, this dream animal is an omen that a sea of ​​possibilities awaits you. Although it seems like a good sign, you need to pay close attention to navigate correctly. Just as dreaming of a fish symbolizes many opportunities, it also manifests itself in the most diverse interpretations of the dream. So, it all depends on how this animal appears and its attitudes during the dream. To understand better, see below some situations.


Dream of live fish

Undeniably, this interpretation pleases anyone. Dreaming of live fish is a good omen. It indicates that very favorable situations will come to you. Your health and financial life will be in greater balance. It is a suitable time to make new friends or start a love relationship. Everything is favorable for things in your life to work out.

Tuna Fish

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Dream of eating fish

This is the biggest representation of the meaning of dreaming about fish. When you are eating fish in the dream, it is because you are internalizing some emotion, belief or attitude. However, if the fish is not being well digested, it is a sign that this emotional state is not doing you any good. Then review these changes. Avoid feeding on these emotions or behaviors.

Swim with fish

To dream that you are swimming with fish is a sign that you have managed to connect with your inner self. That is, you are getting involved with your unconscious and you are probably getting to know yourself better, knowing how to express your feelings correctly.

Dream about fish showing scales

When we dream that the fish shows its moving scales, it is a sign of liberation. Therefore, you managed to go through an anguish situation, something that was not doing you good.

Dream with hook

If you dream that you are putting bait on the hook, this is a good omen. Indicates that the ways of love are open.

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Dream fishing net

When you dream that you used a fishing net or saw someone using it, it is a sign that your health is good. But stay tuned, that’s not why you can stop taking care of yourself or neglect some symptom.


Another interpretation with the net is when it is full. This symbolizes professional success, revealing great career choices. It’s time to go after your desires and improve yourself.

Occasions when dreaming of fish is a good omen

Fish in the water predicts financial improvement. Seeing yourself fishing portends happiness. Dreaming of fish in your hands portends marriage. Big fish are synonymous with abundance. Unexpectedly, if you try to catch a fish and it manages to escape, new friendships and partnerships follow. A punctured or torn network is a harbinger of happiness and unexpected profits. To dream that you are a fish or to feel like one, indicates improvement of a sick person. Buying or selling fish is a sign of family happiness. To be a fisherman in a dream is sure of sudden enrichment.

But of course, as in all dreams, the symbol has its downside. The fish can also be a bad omen, depending on how it appears. Let’s look at some examples.

When is dreaming of fish a bad sign?

When dreaming of rotten fish, prepare yourself for an illness. Seeing yourself eating fish portends convalescence from some illness. To look at or catch dead fish, portends disappointment in a dear person. When hurting yourself with a hook, beware of envy. Dreaming of an empty fishing net can be a harbinger of problems in the family. If you dream of strange and scary fish, it is good to be aware of your religiosity and spirituality. To dream that you are being attacked by fish can be a sign that you are resisting dealing with something or some situation that bothers you.

Therefore, dreaming of fish indicates a phase of contact with our own existential. This is the time to look inside and understand what really nourishes our soul. On the other hand, as every symbol has its negative polarity, with the fish it would be no different. This animal is very skittish, difficult to hold with your hands. This can be interpreted as the dreamer himself running away from some situation, avoiding certain relationships and experiences.

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