What Does Feces (Poop) Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Pooping


What does it mean to see a feces (poop) in a dream? What is it to see a human or dog feces, cleaning feces, stepping on feces, pooping, that you are dirty with feces and other interpretations.

What Does Feces (Poop) Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Pooping

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Dreaming of feces is something, to say the least, unusual. If you’ve ever had a dream like this and found it totally meaningless, read this post until the end. Surely your stool dream wasn’t just a daydream. There is some meaning , taking into account your personal experiences and the phase you are living.

Contrary to what many people think, dreaming about poop has a positive meaning. Do you remember that popular belief that if you step on poop, it’s a sign of luck? Well then, dreaming of poop follows the same line of thought. Something unexpected and hopeful is coming, get ready!

What it means to dream about feces also symbolizes the need to deal with something that we reject. Feces are a biological necessity and serve to expel something that should not stay inside our body. That way, there is a sense of relief when we defecate. Therefore, dreaming of feces also refers to this feeling. It’s an analogy for you to treat something you want to eliminate from your life. Bring it all out in the open and get rid of any misunderstandings.

Here are some possible interpretations for the appearance of feces in dreams.


Dream about human feces

This may indicate your shame about some everyday situations. Your introspective way may be harming you. You are harboring negative feelings and emotions and that is not good. Try to be less reserved and try to trust people. After all, they can help you find your emotional balance.

Dream about dog feces

Dreaming of dog feces is a good sign. The dog is known to be man’s best friend and has a symbology of companionship. In this way, this type of dream indicates a good time to design something with your friends.

Dream about cleaning feces

To dream that you clean feces has a positive meaning. It shows that you want to get rid of negative aspects, which are not good for you.

Another possible symbology is related to the emotional aspect. It is a warning for you to be less introspective and to expose your feelings more. After all, keeping feelings inside you is not healthy. It can suffocate you.

Dreaming of stepping on feces

As popular belief says, if you step on poop, it’s a sign of luck! In a dream it contains the same meaning. To dream that you are stepping on feces is an indication that you will be very lucky in investments. Also, it can be a harbinger of good changes in your life.

Dream of pooping

You are tired of a certain situation and you need to feel relieved, without this pressure. This has probably led you to dream that you are pooping.

Dream of seeing feces

If you dreamed that you saw feces, this is a great sign. Indicates luck in business.


To dream that you are dirty with feces

Undoubtedly this dream brings a disgusting feeling. Likewise, it does not have a positive meaning. To dream that you are dirty with feces implies that you are ashamed of something you have done, or that some situation has embarrassed you. It may be time to review some attitudes.

Dream about feces in the toilet

Dreaming of feces in the toilet, especially if you defecate in the bathroom, shows that you feel safe where you live. After all, defecating in the proper place brings a feeling of comfort and security. So this is a positive dream.

Dreaming that you defecate in your pants

Even in a dream, this is an extremely shameful situation and its meaning could not be more positive. To dream that you defecate in your pants shows that you are an insecure person who needs self- confidence . In this sense, it is interesting to seek professional help to deal with these issues.

But what does it really mean to dream about poop ?

Faeces are seen in our culture as something dirty, impure. Because of this, we think that dreaming about feces is a bad thing. However, we forget about the natural function behind it.

The act of evacuating is extremely natural and necessary. A person who can’t poop gets irritated, nervous, can’t think, let alone work properly. It affects your mind and your emotional side. On the other hand, a person who has a healthy intestine, who defecates regularly, is always in a good mood, light.

Therefore, dreaming of feces shows the need to expel what is not necessary in our life. It goes for that feeling or unresolved situation that just weighs on our daily lives and doesn’t let us move on. Therefore, analyze the events of your daily life and allow yourself to live this good moment to come. After all, dreaming of feces is synonymous with luck, fortune and material gains. Enjoy!

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