What Does Crying Mean In A Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Crying


What does it mean if you cry in a dream? Interpretation of dreams about crying with sorrow or happiness in a dream, blood tears.

Meaning of Dreams About Crying

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Crying in a Dream

Have you ever cried? Of course we have, we have all shed tears from our eyes. This usually happens when our emotions are very strong. They can be driven by pain, sadness, memories, or joy. To release that intensity, the substance of the hormone cortisol, that is, tears, is automatically released.


Therefore, dreaming of crying can indicate future events of sadness or joy.

What does it mean to dream of crying?

In general, when we cry it is because we feel strong physical or emotional pain. But this does not mean that we will suffer moments of calamities. What attitude do we take when our crying ends? Isn’t it true that after crying you feel much better?

Dreaming of crying reflects a fragment of our personality. It indicates to us that a part of us needs to be comforted. We are probably sensitive and it is necessary that they stimulate us and help us. Therefore, this dream can mean that better situations are approaching than the present ones. However, depending on the panorama of the dream, it can have a negative interpretation.


Let’s look at the different types of scenarios below to determine the true meaning.


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What would it mean to dream of crying for love?

Heartbreak is the lack of love, passion and affection of a person we love. Therefore, those who feel cheated or disappointed by not being reciprocated tend to dream of crying for love. If you have had this type of dream, it is because you are emotionally exhausted by the suffering of an impossible love.

You will constantly visualize this dream until you do your part and stop fighting for that attachment. Remember that in life you lose and you win. Therefore, when you see that you have not succeeded in a relationship, think that “out there, there are other people waiting for you.” You must feel important, that is, you have to value yourself. Once you get over it, you will stop dreaming of crying for love.

What is the meaning of dreaming of crying with tears of blood?

Blood is related to the loss of a loved one. Also, dreaming of crying blood means that many people close to us have fallen asleep in death. This is a reflection of the intense and deep pain that lives in us. Because we feel that our life is running out, perhaps because a very attached family member has left. This dream is a symbol of the internal suffering that we carry.

What is the interpretation of dreaming of crying with joy?

Joy is a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure, it lifts our spirits and fills us with joy. This is the meaning of dreaming with joy. It does not matter if we are going through moments of sadness, loneliness or pain. Because a total change is coming, where we will go from melancholy and nostalgia to joy and happiness.

Therefore, if you dream that you are crying with joy, it is because you will have many reasons to be happy.


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What does it mean to dream of crying incessantly?

When we cry too much and it seems that the crying would never stop, it is because something has done us a lot of damage. So that pain is transmitted even in dreams. Therefore, dreaming of crying incessantly is the interpretation and reflection of our deepest feelings. To ease the tragedy, don’t isolate yourself. These difficult times are when we need friends the most. In this way, we will gradually forget about the pain.

What are the indications of dreaming of seeing someone cry?

This dream has several interpretations. It can serve as a sign that we have unknowingly hurt someone and that person is suffering because of us. We must examine what have been our words and actions that we have directed to those around us. Then find out who we offended and apologize. Thus, you will stop receiving this dream, until you make peace.

It can also mean that a friend or family member needs emotional help. You must locate who he is and offer words of encouragement.

Other interpretations are usually that, you are a person who does not know how to express himself clearly. Perhaps, you watch someone suffer, and you are aware of the calamities of him but you do not dare to say anything to him. Not because you don’t feel compassion or hurt for him, but because you don’t know how to do it.

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