What Does Chicken Mean In A Dream? Dreams About Eating Chicken, Killing, Feeding


What does it mean to see chicken in a dream? What does it mean to feed chicken, kill chicken, eat, play with chicken in a dream? Interpretations of dreams about chicken.

chicken dreams

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Meaning of Chicken Dreams

Dreams about chicken can hide various meanings. The real symbolism behind your dream is in the details, so it’s good to remember everything you can about the chicken in your dream; what were they doing, did they look healthy and calm or something else?


Chicken is not that common dream motif, but such dreams come in many forms. Chicken, chicken eggs, feeding chickens, killing chickens or eating chicken meat can be seen in the dream.

To see a chicken in a dream is usually a symbol of the nest and the relationships between you and your closest ones. These birds represent family, family ties, parenthood and especially the relationship between mother and child.

Chicken can also be associated with your material well-being and financial situation. They can be good or bad omens depending on how you see them in your dream. Chickens often symbolize community and everything related to social life.


Seeing a chicken in a dream can also be associated with business success. Your supervisor may notice you and follow your work to promote you. You will see this as the right moment to prove yourself and let that person know that they can trust you.


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Playing with chickens in a dream

A dream in which you play with chicken or chicks symbolizes love. You will probably meet someone who will awaken the purest feelings in you and you will feel the need to protect that person. This may be someone who doesn’t have an easy life, so you’ll feel like he needs you.

Killing a chicken in a dream

Killing a chicken in a dream symbolizes disappointment in a relationship. Your partner can change overnight and throw away everything you’ve built over the years. You will not be able to understand what is happening, so you will expect an explanation, but that person will not be able to provide an explanation that satisfies you. No need to overthink. Your disappointment will pass one day, but it will have lost you.

Dreaming of a Dead Chicken

Dreams about a dead chicken are negative. If you have seen a dead chicken in your dream, it means that you have lost control of your life. It means that you are under the deep and powerful influence of someone around you.

If you are confused, selfish people see it and only use it for their own good. Such people have no good intentions towards you. That’s why you should pull yourself together and not show your weaknesses to anyone.


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Eating chicken in a dream

If you have dreamed that you are eating chicken, it is good. This dream is a lucky sign and a good omen for your near future. This means that your life is about to get better, especially in terms of financial well-being and finances. This dream suggests that you should relax and enjoy your life; You don’t have to be constantly on the go.


To see cooked chicken meat in your dream indicates that you will receive good news, you will experience a pleasant situation, you will receive some additional money and most importantly, you will be very healthy.

Seeing and eating chicken meat always represents something good and positive, so you should relax and not worry about this dream.

Raising chicken in a dream

If you have seen that you are raising chickens in your dream, it means that you need a change. You want to escape the city and go to a place where you can care for animals, enjoy your garden and freedom. The daily pursuit of money, superficial relationships and hard work make you tired. A vacation is needed.

Feeding chicken means you may soon receive a reward or recognition for your effort and hard work. Another possibility is that your achievements catch people’s attention and many admire you.

To see that someone else is feeding chickens in your dream indicates that someone will surprise you with their action. This person who doesn’t have much of a place in your life will likely touch you or do something that surprises you. You will realize how wrong it is to have an opinion on the experiences or attitudes of others about that person and you will make an effort to stop doing so in the future.

Seeing a chicken nest in a dream

To see a chicken nest in a dream is a good sign, especially for people who are in long-term relationships or marriages. The dream symbolizes the end of troubles and difficulties in your love life. You will probably eventually manage to establish good communication with your partner and there will be harmony in your life.

The dream about chicken in a nest symbolizes luck for single people. You may soon meet someone who will become a part of your life in the future.

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