What Does Blood Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Blood


What does it mean if you dream about blood? Interpretation of dreams about loosing blood, donating blood, blood on hands, someone else’s blood, drink blood, menstruation blood, blood in the water and other interpretations.

What Does Blood Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Blood

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Dreaming of blood is not part of an ordinary person’s desires. Just reading the title of this post is likely that you have already become suspicious and a little afraid, right? Although blood brings the idea of ​​discomfort, even terror, know that this is not always a bad omen.

But the truth is that a dream with blood generates different interpretations . In addition to the way it appears and the phase the dreamer is living, blood still has historical symbolism.

Since ancient times, blood was used in rituals to sign an oath. For example, it was important in pagan cults, meetings of occult brotherhoods, and agreements between peoples. In addition, it was also common among boyfriends and friends. A small hole was made in the finger of both and then the pierced fingers were glued. This act then sealed a pact with the mingling of the bloods.

Another symbology of blood is the fluidity of vital energy. That is, it is represented by the fact that blood is a liquid that circulates throughout the body. In this way, it indicates the importance of bringing more energy and happiness into your life. In fact, you can achieve this by interacting with other people, getting to know new cultures and having contact with different environments.


Therefore, the importance of blood goes back a long time. Because of this, dreaming about blood has several meanings, both good and bad.

What does it mean to dream that you are losing blood?

Because of such a dream, you have the sign to observe things in your everyday life. By analogy, something is taking your spirits, draining your energy. Thus, it is a loss of vitality. So pay attention to your surroundings and try to change this situation by bringing more enthusiasm to your life.

Dreaming of a lot of blood around you

To dream that you are in an environment that has a lot of blood around you is desperate. In principle, this type of dream shows two extremes: you can be discouraged at this point in your life, or very euphoric. It is necessary to seek the balance of this expression of vitality.

Dream about donating blood

This attitude, in addition to being noble in real life, bodes well in a dream. It means that you are instilling courage and courage in people. Your attitudes inspire everyone around you.

Dream about being afraid of blood

A lot of people are really afraid of blood, even passing out just looking at the liquid. Anyway, when you dream about it, it means you are afraid to socialize, to fall in love, to enjoy life. In such a way that your feelings and desires are repressed, preventing your intimate from being revealed. It’s time to face your insecurities and live with more energy, more intensity. Allow yourself to feel.

blood on hands

This is an expression that reminds us of bad feelings. In dreams it is no different. To dream that you have blood on your hands indicates that you are feeling guilty about something.

blood in the mouth

To dream that blood is coming out of your mouth is not a good omen. Something bad will happen to you, maybe a layoff or breakup. Pay attention to the way you express yourself. Much of what happens in your life is a result of your actions.


nose blood

Dreaming of blood in the nose is also not a good sign. It signals that negative things are coming your way.

Blood in the eyes

To dream that blood is coming out of your eyes, in addition to being frightening, represents that you are going through a troubled phase. It takes effort to organize ideas and not act on impulse.

Dream about someone else’s blood

If you dream that someone else is bleeding, even more so if it is someone close, it means that your actions could be hurting them.

White Blood Cells

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drink blood

To dream that you are drinking blood shows that you are an ambitious person who wants to control everyone around you. However, if you’ve seen someone else drinking blood, stay tuned, they could be using you.

menstruation blood

Dreaming of menstrual blood represents a harbinger of infidelity. Second, it can also indicate a change that is about to take place in your life.

blood on the floor

Blood on the floor in a dream reveals that you will need to work hard to achieve your goals. It can also be a warning, for you to be careful with the people in your cycle, because someone wants to hurt you. Another interpretation of a dream about blood on the floor is that someone very important to you is in need of help.

Dream about blood in the water

This kind of dream bodes well. Dreams of blood in the water indicate that some loved one, who is sick, will be cured.

But really, what does it mean to dream of blood?

As we said earlier, blood is a symbolic element of energy. Therefore, dreaming of blood can be a way to make you reflect on the way you are living. With joy, passion, vivacity? Or discouraged, bored, just waiting for the day to pass? Blood also refers to passions, so it is a sign for you to praise this feeling in your life.

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