What Does Birds Mean In A Dream? Dreams About Birds Flying, Colorful Birds


What does it mean if you dream about birds? Interpretation of dreams about flying birds, colourful birds, birds on your hand or in a cage.

Dreams About Birds

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Meaning of Dreams About Birds

Dreaming of birds is an experience that is related to freedom and peace, culturally speaking. In general, these types of dreams are happy, with some particularly negative interpretations. In normal life they surprise by their unique beauty, colors and songs (or trill, as it is specifically called). But they are also beings that impress for the great survival they support.

Therefore, when dreaming of birds it is necessary that you remember what your subconscious transmits to you in order to establish its meaning. If you are one of those who got up trying to find an interpretation of the dream with birds, you have come to the right place. Here we will make an analysis of the main scenarios that can occur with these peculiar little friends.

What does it mean to dream of birds?

In any culture, birds have been related to freedom, for their ability to soar through the skies. It is something that as humans it is impossible for us to do. Now, the messages that our brain transmits to us through dreaming of birds can have different meanings.

There are interpretations such as the arrival of good news, exciting and joyful for the dreamer. These news that may reach you will influence your life, changing it significantly. Now, not very happy connotations are also common when dreaming of birds.


You may be a person influenced by people with greater authority like your parents. Therefore, the brain sends these messages through the birds because you yearn for more freedom. Likewise, if you are an independent adult, dreams with birds are interpreted as a longing, a desire to improve.

Possibly you are a very stressed person or with a very absorbing routine and you want to detach yourself from everything. For that, under this point, you will have a variety of dreams whose meaning you can read. Remember well the context and details of your dream experience so that you can find the most appropriate meaning.


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What does it mean to dream of colored birds?

The color of plumage in dreams is directly related to news that you may receive. When dreaming of colored birds, you must be aware of the tonality.

If they are bright colors it means the arrival of good news for the dreamer, or very positive changes. Also, it shows that your personality is cheerful and your life is very enthusiastic.

Other colors present:
  • If these little flyers are blue, it has to do with personality. In this case you have arrogance and a lot of confidence only in yourself.
  • Dreaming of yellow birds represents a lot of peace and a sign of the arrival of moments of happiness. On a sentimental level, your relationship is in a very happy moment.
  • Dreaming of white birds is a sign of wanting to change everything negative in your life. As for your personality, you are a person of great innocence and peace.
  • Dreaming of red birds denotes inner strength in the person. You are a person who does not give up on anything. And although obstacles appear, you are not weak to face them.
  • Now, if you dream of these specimens in grayish or dark colors, it is the opposite. There may be unexpected negative news or moments that will negatively affect your life.

What does it mean to dream of black birds?

There is a great variety of birds with different colors, and black in their plumage is one of them. If you have dreamed of black birds, like a vulture or a crow, be careful, it represents the arrival of problems. It is an alert message so that they do not reach you and you are distracted.

If you dream of flocks of black colored birds, the season ahead is very negative. Likewise, it is possible that you go through a sentimental breakup, if your relationship is in delicate moments.

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What does it mean to dream of dead birds?

It is closely linked in meaning with the previous point, in terms of problems or misfortunes. If you dream of these dead creatures, you may have a hard time imminently. This will be noticeable in the days closest to your dream.


One meaning may be that you have frustrations over goals that you have not yet achieved. Another interpretation is the disappointment, weakness and sadness that can be present. You may think that the bad times do not end and that your reality is bad. Therefore, it is recommended that you change your thoughts and work hard without giving up so that your normality returns.

Dream about caged birds

The sign of a bird trapped in your dreams is synonymous with not very encouraging situations. You may have family or work problems in a short time. Knowing this significance, you need to be strong to face these ups and downs of life. Beware of making investments or contracts.

In terms of personality, this dream may give you the message that you are being controlled. With this, you want more freedom for the actions you take. An overwhelming moment for you, because you have almost no options for your environment.

What does it mean to dream of birds in your hand?

It may be something practically impossible naturally in real life, but in a dream it is something magnificent. It is an experience that brings positivity into your life. If the bird in the hand is alive, unexpected personal or professional opportunities will come.

Now, if the bird is dead in your hand within the dream, it is the opposite. It means failure in your endeavors and disappointment by this fact. You will need a lot of inner strength to recover from these moments, and to think that they are sobering times.

Dreaming of birds flying

It is one of the most important wishes of every person. Dreaming of these creatures flying means that we yearn for freedom to do things. It can also have a connotation of joy, moments that will come to be part of it. These are moments that will come loaded with love, purity and freedom to live.

Another meaning of a good omen is that it represents the arrival of prosperity in your living environment. The higher the flight in the dream, the more you will receive.

Pollination by Birds

Dreaming of birds without feathers

An interpretation based on the decisions. If you dream of a plucked bird, you may be making very risky decisions in life. If you mess up, you may experience ruin.

Another result of interpretation is that you have treacherous people around you. They may be speaking negatively behind your back, damaging your integrity for their benefit. Analyze your entire circle of people who are by your side just for interest.


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