What Does Balcony Mean in A Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Balcony


What does it mean if you dream about balcony? Meaning of dreams about being on a balcony, falling down from balcony, saying goodbye from a balcony, Interpretation of balcony dreams.


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Dreams About Balcony

To dream of a balcony is a symbol of selfishness, it can also reveal a rivalry in terms of feelings, or that your plans for the future are good, but at other times it can be a sign of an accident.

Undoubtedly, the meaning that is most repeated in this dream is that you have to be cautious and not to take a stride longer than your legs can take, as things could end badly and you may someday regret those actions that you have done rashly.

What we are trying to say is that you should be careful with your last minute decisions, that is, the decisions you make at a moment’s notice, without thinking them through. These decisions can cause you a lot of misfortune, suffering and problems.

But this is just a general thing. Here are more details about the meaning of this dream depending on the context. Read on.


To dream of a very high balcony

The height of the window means that the hasty decision you are making will have a great impact on your life, that is, it is about something important that you should not decide from one moment to the next. Therefore, be very careful with that decision.

To dream of an apartment balcony

This dream symbolizes a hasty decision of something that is not very important, so you should not worry too much about its meaning, since it does not represent anything bad, it simply refers to a small decision that could go wrong.


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To dream of an animal falling from a balcony

Symbolizes a hasty decision related to your love life. Try to find out what it is about and be careful with it.

To dream of a baby falling from a balcony

Means that the decision you are making is directly related to your family life. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful with the meaning of this dream.

Other Balcony Dreams

Other even more specific contexts To dream of seeing yourself on a balcony means that you will rise socially while maintaining the friendship and esteem of the people around you. To dream of seeing someone on a balcony means that you will be a spectator of someone else’s success, you will be jealous and envious of him.

If you often dream that you are on a balcony with someone of the opposite sex, beware of slander, you will get into trouble. To dream of being alone on a balcony, indicates that your work and merit will bring you the luck and success you desire.The more flowers you find on it, the more beautiful the success will be.To dream of a balcony indicates that you think you are a supervisor, but in reality you are the supervised. To dream of a balcony is on the plane of love the sign of a temporary love story.To dream of being on a balcony in the city is a sign of infidelity that will cause you great trouble.To dream of a balcony collapsing is a sign that someone is trying to lure you into a trap.If you fall off a balcony it is an omen of disillusionment and fallen hopes.

To dream of saying goodbye from a balcony is a sign of separation. To dream of a balcony lavishly decorated with flowers heralds honors. Finally, for Sigmund Freud To dream of a balcony is symbolic of a woman’s breast; to dream of a balcony and try to climb it indicates a sexual desire for a known woman. To dream of a flowery balcony indicates your dedication to love.


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