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Information about birds. Information about parts of birds and parts and organs of birds, characteristics, structure, nutrition of birds.

Birds are animals that are cataloged in a sub-branch of the animal kingdom. They are part of the vertebrates but not of the mammals, the main characteristics are that they have feathered wings and legs adapted to grasp the branches, in relation to the legs, there are variations, such as the legs of the eagles that adapted to the hunt , the ones of the web-footed ones, that are made to be propelled in the water and the one of the big birds like the ostrich that is adapted to support its great weight and to walk great distances.


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The oldest trace found of a bird as such, dating from 150,000,000 years, was called Arqueopterix lithographica (ancient wing engraved in stone). This fossil was considered as the link between the flying reptile and the birds that we know today.

Currently, birds have been reclassified according to some of their qualities:
  • Paleognathae (they are those large flightless birds)
  • Neognathae (they are the gallonserae like ducks, geese and swans) and
  • Gallifomes (roosters, turkeys, pheasants, quail etc.).
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Characteristics of birds:

In birds, we have as a distinctive feature that they have feathers; this regardless of whether they fly, whether land birds or waterfowl. Its food is very varied.

Its main hallmarks are:
  • Have a peak
  • Have feathers
  • Two legs adapted to their respective environment
  • Two wings, in arms position, that are properly adapted to fly.

The birds have the characteristic of having hollow bones and specially hardened, adapted to lighten their body and therefore, that can fly.

The division of the birds can be established in:
  • Insectivores
  • Herbivores
  • Granivores
  • Carnivores (hunters)
  • Scavengers (fed with decomposed meat)
  • Omnivores (they feed on anything edible).

The reproduction of the birds, is through eggs, which must be fertilized previously; the birds form nests, where they lay their eggs, and then sit on them so that their high temperature allows them to hatch and hatch the eggs.

For this function, in some species, both male and female sit down to hatch them. In the body of the birds there is a strange phenomenon, its feathers sponge and its temperature rises above what is commonly so that its temperature helps the chicks hatch.

The eggs are formed by shell, clear (this is what forms the chick) and yolk; the latter is a source of food that the chick has for its subsistence during its stay in the shell.

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