Valentine’s Day Party Idea – Here Are Some Tips For You


In case you plan to celebrate love with the Valentine’s Day party, here are some tips for you.

These little ideas about the Valentine’s Day party will help you organize a memorable and fun party and win the appreciation of the guests. Emphasis should be placed on early planning to avoid last-minute stress.


Preparation for the Valentine’s Day party

  1. Plan for the Valentine’s Day party weeks in advance.
  2. Select the theme for the party and, consequently, plan your decorations.
  3. Send invitations two weeks in advance and inform guests about the dress code, if any.
  4. Announce a prize for the most innovatively dressed person to inspire your guests.
  5. Plan the menu and reserve the catering service on time to avoid last-minute problems.
  6. Delegate decoration work, gifts, etc. to friends or relatives so that the work progresses without problems and nobody feels overwhelmed.

Set the mood with good music

Soft romantic music would be ideal for a romantic party. However, if it is a noisy joyful party, jazz animated with love themes or nostalgic rock will be more appropriate.

Valentine's Day Party Idea - Here Are Some Tips For You

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Valentine’s Day decoration

Plan an interesting and lively decoration for your party according to the theme you have decided. The symbolic colors of Valentine’s Day are red, pink and white, so you can play with these colurs. Other Valentine’s Day symbols such as Cupid, hearts, roses and laces can also be used for decorations.
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Food and table ideas

Select the menu according to the tastes and preferences of the guests. If it’s a children’s party, include your favorite food. The menu can be a bit sober for the party planned for adults. For fun, you can have all the pink food items or any other color depending on the theme of the party. You can have cocktails, sundaes, sandwiches and other foods in the color of your theme. But make sure there is no compromise in the taste. The decoration of the table should also be done according to the theme of do. The table covered with a white sheet and decorated with a cardboard heart looks amazing.


Plan some Party Games

Children look forward to the games and the adults also enjoy them. Ideally, plan at least two games for a Valentine’s party. Select some innovative games taking into account the age of the participants. You can plan more games if the guests are from mixed age groups to make sure everyone has fun. Do not forget to keep the symbolic prizes for the winners. A good way to please all the guests would be to keep favors for everyone.

Valentine's Day Party Idea - Here Are Some Tips For You

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Some Valentine activity ideas

The activities add excitement to the Valentine’s Day party and make it more enjoyable. Here are some fun and easy-to-implement ideas for Valentine’s Day activity:

Guess how much love is in the jar

Put many candy hearts in a glass jar and, when guests feel comfortable at the party, ask them to guess the amount of candy in the jar. The person who makes the closest guest takes the candy home. This activity will help you connect with each guest.

Heart Hunt

This activity can be planned for young children. All you need to do is hide a number of paper hearts in easy-to-find places. Ask the children to gather as many hearts as they can. They will enjoy this.

Valentine's Day Party Idea - Here Are Some Tips For You

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Steal my heart

Pin a heart sticker on each guest as they arrive. The rule of the game is that if they catch the guest crossing their legs, they lose the clothespin to the one who caught them. The person with the most clamps wins the game.


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