Valentine’s Day Flowers – Origin of Rose as a Valentine Flower


Valentine’s Day is an occasion to openly express love to your beloved and what better way to do it than through flowers.

Every year, lovers use flowers as a means to convey their feelings for their Valentine. Of all the flowers used in a Valentine’s Day most commonly used is the red rose as this flower is traditionally recognized as the symbol of love and passion. A single perfect red rose battered with the flower Baby’s Breath is considered a “distinctive rose” by florists and is the most requested flower on Valentine’s Day.


Other flowers that are popular for Valentine’s Day include tulips, daffodils and irises. Many people also prefer a bouquet of mixed flowers on Valentine’s Day, as it looks colorful and attractive. Most lovers try to avoid silk or artificial flowers as nothing compares to the beauty and aroma of fresh flowers. It is also said that fresh flowers represent genuine feelings of love towards the recipient. No, florists around the world make a big deal on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Flowers - Origin of Rose as a Valentine Flower

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Origin of Rose as a Valentine flower

According to popular legends, the red rose is considered one of the favorite flowers of Venus: the Roman mythological goddess of love and beauty. Therefore, the red rose came to be associated with love and romance. Historians believe that the tradition of giving red rose on Valentine’s Day became popular in the eighteenth century when Charles II of Sweden introduced the Persian custom of the “language of flowers” in Europe. Books were published that detailed the meaning of particular flowers that showed people how full conversations could be carried out using only the flowers. The poets and romantics of heart also praised the red rose as a symbol of love, passion and beauty that helped to create a strong association of rose with love and Valentine’s Day.

Meaning of different colors of roses

The rose of different colors symbolizes different emotions and feelings. Therefore, one should be careful when presenting a rose to a loved one:

  • Red roses – love and passion
  • White roses: true love, purity of mind and reverence
  • Yellow roses – Friendship, celebration and joy
  • Pink roses – Friendship or girlfriend, admiration
  • Peach Roses – Desire and emotion or appreciation
  • Lilac Roses – Love at first sight and charm
  • Coral Roses – Wish
  • Orange Roses – Enthusiasm and desire
  • Black Roses – Goodbye or “It’s over”
  • Bouquet of red and yellow roses: happiness and celebrations
  • Bouquet of red and white roses: union and harmony
  • Bouquet of yellow and orange roses: passion

Valentine bouquet arrangement

Traditionally, a bouquet of a dozen red roses is considered the ideal and most romantic gift for Valentine’s Day. However, you can try to be a little more creative. You can make a bouquet to make it look incredibly charming by adding balloons, candy or small stuffed animals. In addition to ribbons, hearts and toys you can also use it to bring the disposition to life. With the help of florists you can make a bouquet of mixed flowers by selecting flowers that convey the emotions of your heart. As Valentine’s Day arrives at the end of the winter season, you can find a lot of spring flowers in full bloom.

Tips for the presentation of the flower of Valentine’s Day

Select the flower with love and use your own judgment to do it. It is possible that your bouquet does not have to be big to show your love, since what matters most are the feelings you carry with the bouquet. A great idea to touch your beloved’s heart would be to attach a note along with the bouquet indicating how much he or she loves you. Do something unique in your own way to make Valentine’s Day more special for your loved one.

Women should not think that it is their exclusive right to receive flowers, since surveys reveal that most men have a secret desire to be pampered with flowers by their girlfriends. It has been noted that men like bright colors like red, orange and yellow. The flowering plant is also a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day for men.

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