Valentine’s Day (February 14) – List of Valentine’s week


Valentine’s Day is famous around the world around February 14 of each year. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by all who have been in love.

This day is famous mainly among young people with excellent joy, excitement and enthusiasm. Valentine’s Week begins on February 7 and continues until February 14. Every day of the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a special way representing a special event that will be distinguished to generate the special of the Valentine’s Day in all possible ways. All those who are in love wait with this day to impress their loved ones and make them feel special.


List of Valentine’s week days

Valentine’s Day, which is really the most awaited day by lovers all over the world, is here to come. All lovers await this day with impatience, as this day offers them the official opportunity to express their love for their own infatuation. Valentine’s Day, which is around February 14 of each year, is preceded by a Valentine’s week. Valentine’s Week begins on February 7. This week from 7 to 14 is also called love week or love week. The sheet for the date of the Valentine’s week begins on February 7, Wednesday, beginning with the day increased. Below is the complete list of the days of the week of Valentine.

Days of the week of Valentine’s Day Dates

Rose Day

Rose Day is distinguished by offering the forest to each other. Even those who fall in love offer scaled crimson to their loved ones. It is not only the one who is supposed to be this day only for lovers. This day is destined in the midst of friends too. The only difference is that this is with all the coloring of this increase.

Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day, since flowers would definitely be the most loved and, without a doubt, one of these roses is still one of your favorite of each person. Rose Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, one of the children who even try to indicate their love simply by giving more. So prepare yourself with an increase and give it to a love.


With this day it is possible to give crimson yellow roses to different people depending on their own feelings towards them. The flowers would definitely be the most loved things that are included in these roses are one of those favorites.

Valentine's Day Flowers - Origin of Rose as a Valentine Flower

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Happy Proposition Day:

On the Propose day, you can approach your infatuation and also inform them exactly what you believe for them directly. You indicate it to a loved one. It is the second day of this v day a week. The proposal must be created special taking into account that the surrounding place together with the gifts. This is important if you want to win a marriage proposal

They remain on their own knees and also organize a beautiful and romantic atmosphere and suggest their loved ones. That is not a predefined means to indicate your own loved one. If love for someone is authentic, you definitely understand exactly what can make them feel really happy and special. Nothing is much more important compared to an extremely loving soul, right?

Rose Day is closely followed by Propose Day and is the second day of this Valentine’s week. With this day, you can directly practice your love and also express your own feelings towards him or her. Therefore, prepare yourself with a new surprise to give a love to this day of Purpose.

Happy Chocolate Day:

The steak or some other candy dessert enriches the charm and also the terrible disposition. With this day you can disperse happiness by presenting a favorite chocolate to your love and also making it impressive.

Everyone else has different preferences as soon as it comes to choosing chocolates. Remember that every time you are giving chocolate to a loved one it is better to give them the chocolate they like. For how, if by chance you can not express your feelings to the fullest on the proposed day, then the chocolate day is your best day to achieve it.
Everyone loves chocolate, so offer them your favorite chocolate package and also believe them happy.
The chocolate day of the whole Valentine’s week is famous on February 9.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Love Messages and Valentine Wishes

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Happy Teddy Day

On Teddy’s day, the inventors give their daughters an adorable stuffed animal. Girls love these substance toys much better. After a little sweetness of chocolate, giving a teddy bear will make your girl feel even happier.
Teddy’s Day is famous around February 10.

The teddy bears will be the most adorable gift that will be given to a loved one. Sometimes they curl up if we miss someone. Sometimes it occurs to them if we have been angry and we can also express our hearts about it.

Teddy Day falls on February 10, with this day the birds of love around the world give their love with adorable and cute bears. We are all aware that girls are quite partial to teddy bears and teddy bears are one of the most adorable gifts that should be given to a loved one. Now is the time to get the amazing day to have the Valentines Day stuffed animals.

Happy Promise Day

They create promises because of their relationships and strive to defend their promises regardless of what happens. This is the best and most peculiar portion of the relationship. That is as soon as once the loved ones begin to trust each other and begin to trust each other. They promise each other to get an absolute commitment. They promise to stay anywhere else, regardless of how much worse the situation is.

Making promises is all easy, but keeping these promises is difficult. A real relationship is whether both keep their promises until the end, and also make every possible attempt to end their promise. A successful relationship is the fact that people never give up on their partner and try to fix things, however, the attempt should also be from anywhere.

Promise Day falls on February 11. Promise plays a vital role in a relationship and fulfilling the promise is the second most important thing to achieve a healthy relationship. Making big promises will not specify your own relationship, but carrying them out with extreme dedication and also keeping the trust factor alive is really important. Therefore, do not think too much and proceed ahead of time and create the promise of a love that will reveal your dedication and keep you happy throughout your life.

Promises are easy to produce but difficult to maintain. It is better to win the promise however we have to be useful to express our love and affection to your loved one in the place of making promises. However, each day is identified as a promise day on the days of the Valentine’s week. Therefore, create promises this promising day however do not comply with the previous ones to produce your solid relationship.

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Happy Hug Day:

Embrace day talk about happiness by hugging your loved ones and close. Maybe they are not just loved ones, since they are just hugs that could brighten someone’s day.

Every day is February 12. Many of these young people will delight in this day to the fullest. This day gives everyone a precious opportunity to say an endless love towards their love with a warm and tight kiss.


The day of the Embrace, the partners embrace each other. They relax each other in the arm. The warmth and relaxation that you believe in this special moment is priceless. They wrap each other so tight because if it is the most important moment in their life and so they really do not have to leave.

Embrace one another yet gives relaxation, increases love. It may not only affect twenty-five days. Once your loved ones are unhappy, just hold them and give them even a tight kiss. It will certainly make them feel much better. Hug gives the feeling that you are not alone. Inform that I am there with you personally. It shows concern. It shows that, no matter how complicated the situation, “you will always turn your back on me.”

Happy Kiss Day:

The Day of the Kiss falls on February 13, this is one of the most beautiful and absolute days of this Valentine’s week. With this day the lovers receive a golden opportunity to share their love by giving a passionate kiss to their Valentine. Especially Kiss on brow is really a sign of concern and responsibility. Try this delicate expression of love and then turn this day into a romantic and unforgettable one.

The day of the kiss, the partners kiss. This day probably becomes the most remarkable day in your opinion. Remember that particular day. Kissing is your most adorable gesture to say love. Kissing your loved ones gives you a pleasant and surprising feeling. This is special, so this day is even more special for loved ones.

Kiss is your strangest type of expression to reveal love. You may say love in tens of thousands of ways, however, the best type of expression is the kiss. You will find different types of kisses, like Christmas kiss, kiss from lips to lips, kiss on the forehead.

Happy Valentine’s Day:

Last but not least, Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th, this is one of the most special days for several people around the world, most of the age classes celebrate this beautiful day known as the day Valentine’s Day
There is simply a favorite saying that says, “Do not wait until it’s too late to share with someone how much you really love them, just how far you care about this.” As they leave, no matter how much you shout and scream, they will not listen to you anymore. “This day is very important in most of the few lives, so dedicate this full day to your loved one, proceed with meals, love a film and proceed with a long walk, and also believe that this day is memorable.

There are no more strange feelings compared to love. Never get involved with that. Pure soul love Find commitment, gain confidence, express your love.

You can find many men and women who started to hate love like the wrong men and women they all knew. If you fall in love with someone like this, then give them your time, earn their trust, allow them to gain confidence in love, believe that they know that maybe not everyone is exactly the same. The moment you realize the success in gaining confidence in yourself personally, then make sure you never violate your core. Do not decide on them above all, try to understand them because this will simply give you victory to your love.

‘Valentine’s Day’ is a very special day for people who are in love. If the one who suggested takes your proposal, then it becomes a very special day for you personally. Then, when you are in a relationship if something goes wrong, remember this day after being so happy. Each relationship has ups and downs, fights, tears and happiness, despair, emotion and depressions. But still do not give up. Always do your best to hunt things out. It will always allow your own relationship to be more secure.

If unfortunately, if you face rejection in the proposal, then do not get angry. Everyone has their own flexibility of choice. You have to wait for these to simply accept your proposal, however, they tend not to recognize it and then let everything work.


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You can disperse happiness by giving chocolate to a loved one close to you. Also in love with a girlfriend, wives, boyfriend or spouse is possible to give special chocolates in the form of coronary heart along with gifts of the entire course.

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