Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas and History of the Valentine’s Day Card


The cards are a famous symbol of Valentine’s Day. Everyone, from young to old, makes an expression of love through a beautiful and sincere Valentine’s Day Card.

It is no wonder that, after Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the second holiday with more cards in the United States. In India too, the popularity of Valentine’s cards increases every year. Some will be surprised to learn that a greater percentage of Valentine’s Greetings are exchanged between non-romantic relationships.

Valentine's Day Cards Ideas & History of the Valentine's Day Card

In order of popularity, Valentine’s cards are given to teachers, children, mothers, wives and boyfriends. Women receive a little more than half of the Valentine’s Day cards exchanged on the occasion. Currently, Valentine’s Day e-cards are very fashionable because of their profitability, instant delivery and massive use of Internet technology.

History of the Valentine’s day card

It is said that the tradition of exchanging Valentine’s Day Cards began as early as 1400. He is credited with the first written Valentine’s Day card to Charles – Duke of Orleans, who after being captured at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, he wrote a poem to his wife while in prison in the Tower of London. The greeting has been preserved by the British Library.


Valentine's Day Cards Ideas & History of the Valentine's Day Card

The custom of sending cards on Valentine’s Day collected in the sixteenth century and in the eighteenth century, Valentine’s Day cards began to be manufactured on a large scale. The introduction of Penny Post and improved printing technology made the cards affordable for the general public and helped increase the popularity of the cards. Valentine’s Day cards adorned with traditional symbols such as Cupid, hearts and roses instantly captured the fantasy of beaten love. In the early 1800s, factory workers made Valentine’s cards by painting black and white images.

Esther Howland, a young woman from Massachusetts is recognized as the first regular editor of Valentine’s Day in the United States. Esther sold her first handmade Valentine’s Day in 1849. This proved to be a springboard for a successful publishing house that specializes in elaborately decorated cards. Before the end of the century, the cards were made by the machines and were decorated with flowers, gold leaf, satin and lace. In the early 1900s a card company called Norcross – started making Valentine’s Day cards. Several others followed and the popularity of the cards increased over the years.

Valentine's Day Cards Ideas & History of the Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s card ideas

Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day cards:

  1. Handmade cards: Create a personal touch by making your own Valentine’s Day cards. You can use decorative paper, stickers, stamps, and other craft materials to make a unique card.
  2. Pop-up cards: Create a 3D card that “pops” out of the envelope with a special message or image.
  3. Photo cards: Create a card featuring a special photo or series of photos of you and your loved one.
  4. Love letters: Write a heartfelt love letter that expresses your feelings and appreciation for your loved one.
  5. Puzzle cards: Create a card that becomes a puzzle when opened. You can use cut-out shapes or pictures to create a unique and interactive card.
  6. Musically inclined: Create a card that plays music or includes lyrics from a special song.
  7. Quotes and messages: Write a special quote or message that expresses your love and appreciation for your loved one.

These are just a few ideas, and the possibilities for Valentine’s Day cards are endless! The most important thing is to make it personal and to show your love and appreciation for your special someone.


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