Use Zone in a Sentence – How to use “Zone” in a sentence


Use Zone in a sentence. How to use the word Zone in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Zone. Sentence for Zone.

Use Zone in a Sentence - How to use "Zone" in a sentence

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Examples of Zone in a sentence

  1. The peoples of this zone have a relatively high population density, supported by agriculture that surpasses that of most of the nonindustrialized world in its productivity.
  2. Those outside the forest zone are predominantly growers of grains, such as millet, maize, and rice.
  3. The plant is located on the Kola peninsula, formerly a military zone.
  4. Yet I was cheered by my belief that in truth I had seen a valley of some extent; the patches of blue and silver water showed more plainly through the distant foliage, which looked greener than the withering leaves on the mountain, indicating a sheltered and warmer zone.
  5. In terms of marine policy, marine resources, ocean economy, coastal tourism and tourism infrastructures, the Shandong peninsula meets all the requirements to build the blue tourist economic zone.
  6. Shaving razor factory of Wenzhou huachang group, which rests in the industrial zone of wuqiao, enjoying convenient traffic and beautiful surroundings.
  7. We ask the former residents or inhabitants of the Fukushima region, and in some cases, the actual owners of certain properties, to join us within the forbidden zone and open the doors to these ordinary places, but now hostiles, “says the artists statement.
  8. They would feel like moonbeams, and we should be surrounded with an atmosphere as frosty as that of the icebergs of the frigid zone.
  9. Whereupon General Roques, the French Minister of War then at Salonica, disavowed the Venizelist action, and to prevent similar exploits in future decided to create a neutral zone under French occupation and administration.
  10. The neutral zone, he complained, by blocking off his access to Thessaly, forbade all extension of his movement and prevented him from “carrying with him three-fifths of Greece and levying important contingents such as would have made him the absolute master of the country.”


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