Use Zigzag in a Sentence – How to use “Zigzag” in a sentence


Use Zigzag in a sentence. How to use the word Zigzag in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Zigzag.

Use Zigzag in a Sentence - How to use "Zigzag" in a sentence


Examples of Zigzag in a sentence

  1. *** The Jiaodong Peninsula is located in the northeast of Shandong; There is a long and zigzag sea line and several open ports. It has been a very important area in maritime transport since ancient times.
  2. *** There is a zigzag path down the hillside.
  3. *** Obviously, history always advances in a zigzag.
  4. *** The trail that the rider will leave in the snow will be a zigzag pattern.
  5. *** Police said the attack started around 12:30 p.m., when Mr. Kato drove a two-ton white rental truck into the street in a zigzag fashion, and hit several people.
  6. *** The edge and bottom of the cylinder show a zigzag shape and a funnel shape, respectively.
  7. *** The cut cell method had a good adaptability to the curve boundary and could overcome the defect that the FDM adopted the zigzag at the curve boundary and was suitable for the conversion of arbitrary complex curves.
  8. *** Three phase winding, zigzag connection, without connection to ground or without connection to ground.
  9. *** Third, design and implement a soft algorithm to the banking line of the zigzag structure.
  10. *** To get to his house, we needed to cross a zigzag path and cross several zebra crossings.
  11. *** First, three zigzag incisions were introduced into the nipple-areolar junction to prevent the angle between the nipple and the edge from the scar.
  12. *** Fold and fold: also called accordion fold, zigzag fold.
  13. *** But recently, this airflow has become a pronounced zigzag pattern, winding north and south.
  14. *** In the long history of the China River, he walked along the zigzag.
  15. *** There is a zigzag path in the garden.
  16. *** Fan: also called accordion fold, concertina fold, fold above and behind, zigzag fold.
  17. *** The scraper is made of a rigid alloy material and its lower part is zigzag.
  18. *** Here is a kind of flat box type resonator for reactor pumped lasers (RPL), which has a zigzag propagation in the interior and a high coupling efficiency with the reactor.

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