Use Youth in a Sentence, How to use “Youth” in a sentence


Use Youth in a sentence. How to use the word Youth in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Youth. Sentence for Youth.

Use Youth in a Sentence - How to use "Youth" in a sentence

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Definition of Youth

  • 1. the period between childhood and adulthood.
  • 2. a young man.

Examples of Youth in a sentence

  1. He participated widely in Communist party activities in his youth.
  2. All youth groups must join the National Youth Agency.
  3. The object of her affection was Anchises, a handsome youth, of the royal family of Troy, who lived among the mountains of Ida, not far from the city.
  4. From their youth up, Herodotus tells us, the children of the Persians were instructed in truthfulness.
  5. His having a sister old enough to be married, would seem to show that youth was not one of the attractions of Anchises in Aphrodite’s eyes.
  6. Moses of Khorene is the first who mentions the Persian legend of Rustem, a youth of great strength, who as a boy had slain an infuriated elephant, to fetch Kai Kobad from Elburz.
  7. In the mean time the Trojan youth, having heard the tidings of this disturbance, began to gather hastily, but in great numbers, to defend Ascanius.
  8. That night a vision of Christmas Past recalls his youth; a vision of Christmas Present shows him the poor but cheerful Cratchit family, including the appealing cripple Tiny Tim; and a vision of Christmas Yet To Come depicts Scrooge’s possible unmourned death.
  9. But the sight of her beauty and youth, and her entreaties, moved him; he allowed her to escape.
  10. Strabo remarks, with reference to a later period, that the Persian youth remained long in the open air with their flocks, and were eager hunters; when thus engaged, their only drink was water, their food bread, flesh, and salt.
  11. Hence from this notice we may with certainty conclude that the tradition of the Persians ascribed to this ancestor of their kings a youth distinguished by the favour of heaven.


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