Use Young in a Sentence, How to use “Young” in a sentence


Use Young in a sentence. How to use the word Young in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Young. Sentence for Young.

Young - Sentence for Young - Use Young in a Sentence Examples


Examples of Young in a sentence

  1. *** In the days of the Second Temple, a festival occurred on the 15th of Av in the vineyards of Judea, where young men would choose wives from among the dancing maidens.
  2. *** In Euphues, for example, the hero’s advisor sums up: “Thou art a young sojourner, I an old senior; thou secure doubting no mishap, I sorrowful dreading thy misfortune.” ,,
  3. *** Even as a young actress, she always had Hollywood firmly in her sights.
  4. *** The young actress was given a small part in the new play.
  5. *** Sometimes a young otter pulls the white-faced adult and is harassed by a hungry seagull competing for pieces of abalone.
  6. *** Young man: Mrs. Grant, my father is a public accountant.
  7. *** The bird was trapped there by a serpent after it took the young of the serpent.
  8. *** Riddles serve to sharpen the wits of young people, just as dilemma folktales, which have no correct answers, do for their elders.
  9. *** First showed interest in music when I was very young.
  10. *** Parents of young children are often depressed, and this is especially true in the case of single parents.
  11. *** Unemployment is quite high, especially among young people.
  12. *** Travel is an uplifting experience, especially for young people.
  13. *** The program especially appeals to young children.
  14. *** In cases of food poisoning, young children are especially vulnerable.
  15. *** They could also lead to unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases, both of which are increasing among young people.
  16. *** The second half of the 20th century belonged to young people.
  17. *** Young men can buy athletic shoes or clothing in an attempt to perform athletics in the same way as the person in the advertisement.
  18. *** The birches sprouted from the rubble and became a young and dense wood.
  19. *** The young man was momentarily surprised by the opulence of the room.

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