Use Yin Yang in a Sentence, How to use “Yin Yang” in a sentence


Use Yin-Yang in a sentence. How to use the word Yin-Yang in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Yin-Yang. Sentence for Yin-Yang.

Use Yin-Yang in a Sentence - How to use "Yin-Yang" in a sentence


Examples of Yin-Yang in a sentence

  1. We should replace that yin-yang symbol on our flag with a phallus.
  2. Yin-Yang, a term used in Chinese philosophy to indicate the active and passive principles of the universe.
  3. The Dunhuang 23C Gaohu rosewood has a bottle-shaped body with a trumpet-like opening and comes with 24 “yin-yang tuning pegs”.
  4. An obvious characteristic of yin-yang theories is to model the basic properties of both aspects of the contradiction and to shape their relationship.
  5. Regulate Yin-Yang, soft Qi and blood, drain the channel, bring vital Qi, vitalize human life, recover people from ill health and illness, and revitalize people.
  6. This belief system was formulated even more in the theological system of Yin-yang and the human world.
  7. The former are related to cosmism and the adoration to the force of the mysterious nature in ancient times, is based on the theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements.
  8. The disease is basically due to the breaking of the harmony and balance of Yin-Yang, which means the luxury or decrease of Yin or Yang.
  9. Assimilates various philosophical thoughts such as Confucianism, legal thinking, the study of Yin-Yang, especially the philosophy of Taoism, which is being widely acclaimed by scholars of the Han Dynasty.
  10. The Yin-Yang is the result of a clear, clear positive positive II, and by the positive impression, corrosion or the concavoconvex version of stamping pressure.


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