Use Yes in a Sentence, How to use “Yes” in a sentence


Use Yes in a sentence. How to use the word Yes in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Yes. Sentence for Yes.

Use Yes in a Sentence - How to use "Yes" in a sentence


Examples of yes in a sentence

  1. Yes, sir.”
  2. Yes; that is, its nominative.
  3. Yes, I do. It’s Gordon Lawson, in n. 986, White Birch Street.
  4. Yes, there are people who do not know how to do it well either.
  5. Yes, sir,” was the answer; and all seemed to enter into it with spirit.
  6. Yes, sir; but I have forgotten.”
  7. Yes, sir,” said both the boys.
  8. Yes, sir,” “Yes, sir,” they replied.
  9. Yes, sir;” “No, sir.” The majority were, however, in the affirmative.
  10. The scholars universally answered “Yes, sir.”
  11. Yes, sir, right;” “Right.”
  12. Yes; and the fourth?” “Gender.”
  13. Yes, sir;” “No, sir,” they answered, variously.
  14. Yes, sir, I should rather have you talk with me now than in school.”
  15. Yes, there were several writers.
  16. Yes; and you will see that the longest of Peter’s epistles is next in length to that of James’s; and, indeed, all his are arranged in the order of their length.
  17. Yes; and they are arranged in the order of their length.
  18. Yes, love of money it is called.
  19. Yes,” continues the teacher, “both these are common motives.
  20. Yes, you are.
  21. Yes,” said I, “they are fastened down very slightly, so that I may easily alter their position.”
  22. Yes, sir,” the school generally answered.
  23. Yes, sir,” was still the reply, but fainter than before.
  24. Yes, sir,” was heard from all parts of the room.
  25. Yes, sir; wrong,” was the universal reply.
  26. Yes, sir,” “Yes, sir;” “No, sir,” “No, sir,” answered the boys, confusedly.
  27. Yes, I should be very glad to excuse them, if I could find out who they are.”
  28. Yes, that is another plan,” said the teacher; “but there are objections to it.
  29. Yes,” said the teacher, “this is a great objection; it is often very inconvenient to write.


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