Use Year in a Sentence, How to use “Year” in a sentence


Use Year in a sentence. How to use the word Year in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Year. Sentence for Year.

Year - Sentence for Year - Use Year in a Sentence


Examples of Year in a sentence

  1. A year later, Donald’s book was on sale in the bookshops.
  2. But this year, the bad weather has started early.
  3. Can amblyopia manage a 10-year-old child?
  4. Production in the United States totals about one billion pounds (453.6 billion grams) a year.
  5. The death toll from all types of accidents averages around 100,000 a year in the U.S.
  6. This year our company started to gain a lot.
  7. Winners are announced between April and July of the year following the drawing.
  8. Each person can make one application in one year.
  9. In a year, 1920, the year that Amelia fell in love with flying, fifteen airmail pilots died.
  10. Lee is currently the president of the Hong Kong Chapter of the American Institute of Architects this year and a professional accredited by LEED.
  11. Every year some of these geckos, having stowed away in bunches of bananas, find their way to the other countries.
  12. Last year, the SEC submitted a proposal that is becoming too easy to be an accredited investor, so they submitted a proposal to raise the level of wealth to $ 2.5 million.
  13. Washington’s conservative commentator, Patrick Buchanan, 58, is a perennial contender as he pitched losing deals in 1992 and this year.
  14. A serious contender for the Vibes album of the year.
  15. It is unlikely that we will produce surpluses this year.
  16. This was the first all-weather, year-round road connection across the Alps between France and Italy.
  17. The line is expected to handle around 2 million tons of cargo each year.
  18. Railways transport millions of tons of cargo each year.
  19. This year, the city decided not to renew its contract.
  20. At the end of each month, the cost accountant will issue a cost statement to reflect the cumulative cost situation of the current month and year.
  21. The adult newts have bodies similar to those of the lizards and return to the water every year to reproduce; otherwise, they live in humid terrestrial habitats and rich in blankets.

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