Use Yarmulke in a Sentence – How to use “Yarmulke” in a sentence


Use Yarmulke in a sentence. How to use the word Yarmulke in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Yarmulke. Sentence for Yarmulke.

Yarmulke in a Sentence
Definition of Yarmulke

  • A skull cap worn by many Jewish men and boys.

Examples of yarmulke in a sentence

  1. Your yarmulke.
  2. The yarmulke suits him, does not it?
  3. Where is your yarmulke?
  4. A teenager carrying his skateboard passed by a man wearing a yarmulke.
  5. Donald Schwartzkaufha, a physics graduate student who wore a yarmulke, said he was frequently harassed.
  6. I do not know how they would have received me in some of these places if I had used a yarmulke or walked hand in hand with another man.
  7. Although I am an atheist, I still use my yarmulke since it keeps my brain warm.
  8. Workers invoke Title VII of the Civil Rights Act in numerous disputes about their hours or if they can wear a yarmulke or kufi prayer cap.
  9. Max’s even sad New York is presented in mixed patterns of black, white and gray, until Mary sends Max a bright red pompon that she carries on top of her yarmulke.
  10. And put on a yarmulke.
  11. This yarmulke belonged to Woody Allen’s grandfather, Cantor Konigsberg.
  12. That shit looks like a yarmulke with a wing!
  13. Yarmulke, curls, caftan, everything.
  14. We have rings, veil, tuxedo, yarmulke, if you wish.
  15. He has cancer, goes straight to the synagogue in a yarmulke.
  16. You wore your yarmulke on that television show.
  17. Are you working on Friday, wearing a yarmulke?
  18. We do not even have money in our budget for coffee filters. We are using a yarmulke.
  19. They’re going to take my yarmulke off.
  20. In the worst case, someone had his yarmulke knocked down.
  21. And thanks for the yarmulke.
  22. A yarmulke, a big nose, a circumcision.
  23. For that you get this yarmulke, which has been crumpled in my coat pocket since a wedding in 1962.
  24. Without speaking. – Is there a yarmulke for the child?


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