Use Xylophone in a Sentence, How to use “Xylophone” in a sentence


Use Xylophone in a sentence. How to use the word Xylophone in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Xylophone.

Use Xylophone in a Sentence - How to use "Xylophone" in a sentence


Examples of Xylophone in a sentence

  1. *** Xylophone made of calabash gourds is played by a young man.
  2. *** Donald like a xylophone, they said.
  3. *** This is a xylophone.
  4. *** Donna was experimenting with atonal motives on a xylophone and Victoria had been given a doll, but she had removed her arm.
  5. *** Donald like a xylophone, they said. Touch us a tune, Hoomey.
  6. *** They will never retreat like a xylophone.
  7. *** Listen to xylophone music from 1922.
  8. *** Lorne gets up and finds his broken xylophone, “Oh, damn.” He curses, which causes a laugh.
  9. *** The length of the bars of the xylophone determines the different notes of the scale.
  10. *** I play the xylophone, fun, fun.
  11. *** Then the xylophone behaved badly again and they had to abandon the next song completely.
  12. *** There is a xylophone in the title song, and shouts and cheers are scattered throughout the album.
  13. *** She spoke in an angry volume that shrugged off my male unit and climbed tonal scales like a steam driven xylophone.
  14. *** The hammering and beating made a terrible noise, as if the old men were insanely tuning into a giant xylophone.
  15. *** It can only be a matter of time before someone buys Ronan’s Fisher Price xylophone.
  16. *** In addition to all types of harmonicas, the current organization also includes melody, xylophone, vibraphone, organ, accordion, piano and timpani.
  17. *** It was on the set of Hite that Hampton made his first recording on vibraharp, an amplified xylophone.
  18. *** I never played it before, but I knew I had the same keyboards as the xylophone.
  19. *** The orchestration of the composition requires triple wind, tambourine, triangle, drum, gong, cymbals, piano, celesta, xylophone, harp and five-part strings.
  20. *** At school, I teach students how to play jazz drums, timpani, xylophone, etc.

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