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Use Wrote in a sentence. How to use the word Wrote in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Wrote.

Definition of Wrote

Examples of Wrote in a sentence

***In the evenings, he wrote letters.

***He got out his notebook and wrote the date at the top of the page.

***He also wrote essays and short stories, which appeared in popular magazines and literary quarterlies.

***Thereafter he lectured and wrote on modern art, opposing all academicism.

*** Léon Daudet; (1868-1942), French writer and journalist, who wrote Rabelaisian, bitterly satirical and vituperative prose.

*** He escaped from the Santé prison, lived for a time in Belgium, and wrote tirelessly.

*** He was born in Athens, and wrote his first play in 429 b. c., when he was about 17.

*** It is related that he wrote 17 plays and won 7 prizes.

*** He wrote one popular book, A Mathematician s Apology (1940).

** The food critic wrote more about the deli environment than about the qualities of the food he served.

*** He wrote a large number of books in his entire life and made a great initial contribution in many aspects of education.

*** Aaron Copland wrote “Portrait of Lincoln” to honor the president.

*** Music was always the first reason why he wrote songs …

*** He wrote books on law and on ways to preserve peace.

*** Dmitry Grigorovich; (1822-1900), Russian novelist and art historian, who wrote realistic, humanitarian tales of the life of the Russian peasant.

*** With his wife, Mary Einstein Wright, he wrote Guide to Easier Living (1951).

*** Du Vigneaud wrote A Trail of Research in Sulfur Chemistry and Metabolism and Related Fields (1952).

*** Nathan Clifford (1803-1881), American Supreme Court justice, who is better known for helping to negotiate the treaty that secured California as a part of the United States than for the opinions that he wrote during 23 years on the court.

*** Carlson wrote some 250 scientific treatises and Control of Hunger in Health and Disease (1916).

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