Use Written in a Sentence, How to use “Written” in a sentence


Use Written in a sentence. How to use the word Written in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Written.

Use Written in a Sentence


Examples of Written in a sentence

  1. *** Her other writing includes Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose, written with her brother, John Aikin.
  2. *** Who had written the chapter?
  3. *** Each chapter was an article written by a different scientist.
  4. *** I have written many books about the Ararat.
  5. *** Abbott directed a number of motion pictures, notably the film versions of musical comedies he had written and directed for the stage—The Pajama Game (play, 1954; film, 1957) and Damn Yankees (play, 1955; film, 1958).
  6. *** The theories advanced in Collier’s Clavis Universalis, or a New Inquiry After Truth, written in 1703 and published in 1713, coincided remarkably with those in George Berkeley’s Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, which was published in 1710, seven years after Collier had written his Clavis Universalis.
  7. *** What distinguishes the Abacus case from other unsuccessful subprime deals are emails written by a young vice president of Goldman and now co-defendant, Fabrice Tourre.
  8. *** This surprisingly original original quote is as boring as badly written.
  9. *** The disadvantage of the book is that it is written in a rather boring style.
  10. *** He is known for his only work, Meditations or Writings for Himself, written, according to critics, in the midst of the Parthian War, in which he could have used his time better directing the army.
  11. *** Contains five poems inspired by Gnosticism and written by Gnostics, e. gram. Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi documents.
  12. *** All advertising and promotional literature will be written to avoid cheating in any way.
  13. *** The Diamond Necklace, a short fiction written by Maupassant, is a world of metaphors.
  14. *** The word is also applied to the written evidence, or certijicate, of such an act.
  15. *** His most popular work, written with William S. Gilbert, was The Happy Land (1873), a burlesque of Gilbert’s Wicked World.
  16. *** His first play, El trovador (1836), written during his army service, later inspired the libretto for Verdi’s opera II Trovatore (1853).

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