Use Writings in a Sentence

How to use the word Writings in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Writings.

Examples of Writings in a sentence

1. His philosophical writings are imbued with religious beliefs.

2. He puts his real name in his writings.

3. Its influence is evident in Thomson’s own writings on electricity and magnetism.

4. It is mentioned frequently in the poetic writings of the period.

*** His other writings include the drama Lord Byron (1916) and an autobiography, Streitbares Leben (1960).

*** His writings stoked the flames of racism.

*** His writings are related to religious phenomena at the individual level.

*** Her name appears frequently in writings on the Renaissance.

*** This is a book that clearly explains Donald’s later writings.

*** His writings on the history of art were published by Savay and Rugu.

*** The pieces you are reading are adapted from the writings of Wilbur Smith.

*** His writings provide us with a first-hand account of the civil war.

*** All his writings seem to be permeated with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove and hope for his country.

*** There he read the writings of Lopez, who gave him many ideas about freedom.

*** His writings include poetry and prose.

*** From his observation and writings, it is clear that the structures of intelligence and feelings begin to evolve during childhood.

*** Readers will find a central concern about the factors that influence social welfare, a feature of many writings on social policy.

*** These writings influenced him just at the time he met the first person he met who had experienced rebirth.

*** This option is personified in the writings of Rugu Savay.

*** Sometimes, particularly in his later writings, Pareto refers to the ruling class or ruling classes.

*** Donald clearly did not formally abandon this scheme even in his later writings.

*** It is this basic proposition that underlies much of the recent Marxist writings on underdevelopment.

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