Use Writing in a Sentence, How to use “Writing” in a sentence


Use Writing in a sentence. How to use the word Writing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Writing.

Use Writing in a Sentence - How to use "Writing" in a sentence


Examples of Writing in a sentence

  1. *** Strauss devoted most of the next 20 years to writing biographies.
  2. ***During the 19th century the Bamum people in Cameroon and the Vai people in Liberia invented systems of writing inspired by appreciation of European-introduced alphabetic writing, but neither won widespread use among other Africans.
  3. ***They have adjusted to modern influences and are influencing, in turn, the various forms of contemporary writing.
  4. ***Long before the coming of Europeans, and long before the development of writing itself, the peoples of Africa gave artistic expression to their deepest thoughts, feelings, and concerns in myths and legends, allegories, parables and tales, songs and chants, poetry and drama, proverbs, riddles, and even good conversation.
  5. *** The retired actress is writing her memoirs.
  6. *** Shaw’s infatuation with the actress is evident in his writing.
  7. *** Employing such devices is a good test of pure writing skill, of careful and skillful manipulation of language.
  8. *** In response to your letter of August 13, I am writing to accept your offer of £ 3009 in compensation.
  9. *** He enjoyed writing and published over 11 books.
  10. *** The bookstore environment inspires me to start writing my book, something I’ve been considering for a long time.
  11. *** Your writing style is now boring and obsolete.
  12. *** Therefore, the aporia of the writing of the aesthetic myth derives from the dualism of Gnosticism, which was represented in the western aesthetic history of the scriptures of the Prometheus myth.
  13. *** Jin Yong’s swordsman fictions are very stimulating and excellent literature writing fallow.
  14. *** Phase IV, word processing has been adapted to language teaching by allowing students to compose and test their writing on a non-permanent basis.
  15. *** By the time I finished writing a score, I know the book better than the author of the book, because I examined each word and asked the writer of the book about each word.
  16. *** In particular style products, picturesque writing boards, shell containers of Choi clay sculptures, students with plastic ruler, plastic parts matching Dart, educational toys for children, etc.

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