Writer – Sentence for Writer – Use Writer in a Sentence

Use Writer in a sentence. How to use the word Writer in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Writer. Sentence for Writer.

Writer - Sentence for Writer - Use Writer in a Sentence

Examples of Writer in a sentence

*** Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera; (1859-1895), Mexican poet, short-story writer, and journalist.

*** At first a newspaper writer and illustrator, he left journalism to become a playwright.

*** Léon Daudet was born in Paris on Nov. 16, 1868, a son of the writer Alphonse Daudet.

*** Max BROD (1884-1968), Austrian-Israeli writer, theatrical director, and composer.

*** Deserted Village, a narrative poem, by the British writer Oliver Goldsmith.

*** The aim of the writer was to discredit the myth that had developed around the actress.

*** This week we finished the story of the writer and educator Donald Dove.

*** In general, the critic and writer Ondaatje agree in interpreting the connotation of postcolonialism in their respective writings.

*** A talented writer and a moving public speaker, he quickly became Derry’s best-known leftist agitator.

*** However, Freud was a great writer and a convincing personality.

*** A Temple Bar writer visited the Tabernacle and reported that the congregation dictated the style.

*** Everything one writes must impart to the writer.

*** Bruce Barton; (1886-1967), American advertising executive and writer.

*** Alfred Edgar Coppard; (1878-1957), English poet and short-story writer.

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