Use Would be in a Sentence, How to use “Would be” in a sentence


Use would be in a sentence. How to use the word would be in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word would be.

Use Would be in a Sentence - How to use "Would be" in a sentence


Examples of would be in a sentence

  1. *** In this case, the force arrows F would be reversed in direction.
  2. *** They had given him absolute assurance that it would be kept secret.
  3. *** A step toward achieving greater professional status would be to establish professional schools of accounting.
  4. *** The debit would be to an asset account, “Prepaid Rent.”
  5. *** But the fullest and widest impact of those upheavals, as of the nascent Industrial Revolution made possible by new advances in Western technology, would be realized only in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  6. *** If you want my opinion, I think you would be crazy not to accept.
  7. *** It would be advisable that you accept their offer.
  8. *** We would be very happy to accept your invitation.
  9. *** It would be very irregular for a police officer to accept money in this way.
  10. *** If he accepted a salary cut it would be the litmus test of his loyalty to the company.
  11. *** It would be very irregular for a minister to accept payments of this kind.
  12. *** It would be difficult for us to accept.
  13. *** In the words of the sociologist Chase, we would be applying ontic measures to ontological phenomena.
  14. *** We decided that it would be better to make some adjustments.
  15. *** Life would be terribly boring if nothing goes wrong.
  16. *** There would be nothing more boring than the landslide that everyone predicted.
  17. *** The implication was clear: discussing Article 6 would be an irresponsible aberration.
  18. *** The play is set in the governor’s palace at Utica, and is based on the last days of the Roman statesman Marcus Porcius Cato, his struggle against the would be dictator Julius Caesar, and his determination to die rather than oudive his country’s freedom.
  19. *** The editor said that many readers would be outraged by my article on abortion.

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