Use Worm in a Sentence, How to use “Worm” in a sentence


Use Worm in a sentence. How to use the word Worm in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Worm. Sentence for Worm.

Use Worm in a Sentence


Examples of Worm in a sentence

  1. Where’s my silk worm?
  2. Others had become worm-eaten and leaky by lying in port.
  3. But with a paddle a man can worm a boat through anywhere.
  4. When he sees a worm he picks it up with his bill.
  5. Thy bed is with the worm, and thy covering is corruption.
  6. In vain thou wouldst evade my sight, assuming the semblance of a long black worm.
  7. Avatar of Ur-Vomoch, the Supreme Lord of Voracity, the Netherworm is a gigantic worm whose soft body is protected by heavy jagged rings.
  8. Locomotion is carried out by wavy waves of contraction and muscle relaxation that alternate in the dorsal and ventral faces of the worm.
  9. Albumen fly rose oil, albumin, worm, mixture of acetyl and chitin can produce in batches.
  10. The road into which we had turned was a narrow private way, very steep and rocky, which led between rotting “worm” fences and neglected fields to a dense avenue of cedars on the brow of the hill.
  11. He would have given all his newborn glories for one single supper from the leaf which he used to feed upon when he was a worm.
  12. Here and there were groves of mulberries,–the tree on which the silk worm feeds,–and there were vineyards, with the vines just bursting into leaf, and now and then a little garden of orange trees.
  13. Why, I mean that there are several things necessary, in order that the silk worm should be a good one to make silk from.
  14. The mulberry silk worm has been found to answer to these conditions better than any hitherto known; but there are some others that I believe they are now trying, in order to see if they will not be better still.

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