Use World in a Sentence, How to use “World” in a sentence


How to use the word World in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word World.

Use World in a Sentence - How to use "World" in a sentence


Examples of World in a sentence

  1. After all, when events take place in the real world, they do so without musical accompaniment.
  2. South of the Greater Caucasus are the rich manganese mines of Chiatura, among the world‘s largest, and the important copper and molybdenum mines of Armenia.
  3. CTC has accredited laboratories and quality control inspection offices strategically located throughout the world.
  4. Underground, and the total lengths of submarine cables in the world were 39,072 nautical miles under government administration and 194,751 nautical miles under the management of private companies.
  5. The cineraria is known the world over for its diverse flowers in all colours and sizes, depending on the variety.
  6. A second widespread feature of the religions of Africa is the belief in a Creator who created all things, who gave the world its order, and who infused it with ongoing energy.
  7. This is done through the performance of rituals, prayers, and sacrifices, which are the means of communicating with the invisible world, maintaining proper ties with it, and restoring broken ties after man’s fallibility or selfishness has disrupted the smooth beneficent flow of energy.
  8. Saguaro, the largest cactus in the world. It is also spelled sahuaro.
  9. *** We do not know whether a hierarchy of the arts existed or, if it did, whether painting and sculpture, for example, were rated higher than ceramics and weaving, as they are currently in the Western world.
  10. *** Both in quantity and in fame, the wood carvings of West and central Africa are, to date, the most impressive of African arts known to the Western world.
  11. *** The submarine cables of the world now have a length exceeding 200,000 nautical miles, and most of them have been manuf actured on the Thames.
  12. *** John Dewey (1850 – 1952) was a world-renowned educator.
  13. *** If you are going to bet on a reusable software asset and advertise it to the world, you need to have a set of regression tests for it.

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