Use Works in a Sentence, How to use “Works” in a sentence


How to use the word Works in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Works.

Use Works in a Sentence - How to use "Works" in a sentence


Examples of Works in a sentence

  1. The works of many contemporary writers betray the influence of the oral legacy, in subject matter, style, and spirit.
  2. Hawkins condensed all his works into one volume for publication.
  3. Based on the main works of English, the document analyzes its in-depth vocabulary development by researching orthographic knowledge, morphosyntactic knowledge and semantic knowledge.
  4. This is the ice cube that melts par excellence, “said a person who works in the bankruptcy of Lehman.
  5. The Iomega Jaz unit stores one gigabyte of information in each cartridge and works as fast as an internal hard drive.
  6. She works on alternate days.
  7. Homer, the grumpy father, works in a nuclear plant and is a sentimental patán.
  8. The chorus of parts of mixed voices without accompaniment is a way to perform vocal vocal works in several voices, which has been one of the most valuable expressions among various forms of chorus for a long time.
  9. The precise but infinitely suggestive works that result from his unmatched drawing are as convincing as his paintings.
  10. However, remember the deceleration principle: acceleration works here.
  11. My sister works in the concert hall and my brother likes to trick her into giving her free tickets.
  12. Local officials traditionally lavish entertainment on national officials who donate money for public works and other local projects
  13. His sister works at the London Zoo.
  14. His works include The Efficient Life (1907), Mind and Work (1908), The Dynamic of Manhood (1917), in addition to Morals and Morale (1919) and A Philosophy of Play (1920), which were published posthumously.
  15. Grigorovieh’s works of fiction fill eight volumes, and several additional volumes contain articles collected under the title History and Theory of Art.
  16. One of his most successful later works was his enchanting score for the French film La Ronde (1950).

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