Use Working in a Sentence, How to use “Working” in a sentence


Use Working in a sentence. How to use the word Working in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Working. Sentence for Working.

Use Working in a Sentence


Examples of working in a sentence

  1. *** In 1924 he made his debut as an actor in repertory in Oxford, but he soon turned to directing, working with the Scottish National Players (1926-1928) and the Festival Theatre, Cambridge (1929-1930).
  2. *** America, which is accepted as the country of immigrants, is a world of people working for their dreams and using their opportunities.
  3. *** Hangzhou Institute of engineering vehicle of the joint-stock company development of the entire self-propelled aerial work platform with hydraulic chassis, maximum working height of up to 26.7 M.
  4. *** The indefinite quantity exists in the design parameters and the influence factors of the working effort and the permissible tension of the three-ring planetary reducer K – H.
  5. *** To work with long submarine cables, the device normally used in land lines can not be used, since the retarding effect of the electrostatic capacity of the cable is so marked that the signals are not recorded except at a very slow working speed.
  6. *** the rain is working through the roof.
  7. *** She fiddled with books while working as an accountant.
  8. *** I guess it’s really like working in a factory, just as boring.
  9. *** The arrangement of the apparatus for working some of the most recent cables is shown in Fig.
  10. *** The general principle on which the instruments for working long submarine cables are based is that of making the moving parts very light and perfectly free to follow the comparatively slow rise and fall of the electric impulses or waves.
  11. *** In 1896 it was arranged to lay two new cables to France and one (for duplex working) to Germany.
  12. *** I am an admirer of the scriptures as well as the photographs of photographer Edward Weston, and in his Daybooks of February 2, 1931, he captures the working atmosphere early in the morning: “Peace again!
  13. *** Born in Pisa on Dec. 16, 1826, he went to Florence in 1852 as assistant in the observatory where he was to spend his whole working life.

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