Use workers in a sentence

Use workers in a sentence. How to use the word workers in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word workers.

Definition of workers

Examples of workers in a sentence

*** The workers have been on indefinite strike since July.

*** On Fridays, many of the workers laughed at the neighborhood bar and grill.

*** The workers of Milan manage their busy metropolis with efficiency and poise.

*** The capitalists take advantage of the surplus value created by the workers.

*** Peoples of Beijing, high-ranking officials and skilled workers habituate the central areas of the city; while pop stars and entrepreneurs occupy the picturesque suburbs.

*** We suggest that this is misleading since different workers have used different sizes of the aorta to define an aneurysm.

*** During their centuries of slavery, they were organized into castes, as musicians, metal workers, masons, etc. but after around 1850, the caste ties gradually relaxed and the gypsies began to marry Romanians.

*** There are few workers of your caliber.

*** “I wish you a merry Christmas, my love, you can celebrate Christmas abroad with co-workers on your official trip and enjoy many happy moments for this Christmas.”

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