Use Won’t in a Sentence – How to use “Won’t” in a sentence


Use Won’t in a sentence. How to use the word Won’t in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Won’t. Sentence for Won’t.

Use Won't in a Sentence - How to use "Won't" in a sentence


Definition of Won’t

  • will not

Examples of Won’t in a sentence

  1. Won’t they?” asked Wallace.
  2. Won’t we, Stivy?”
  3. Won’t it go out, Jonas?
  4. “Well,” said Phonny, “we won’t feed him.
  5. “It won’t go out, child,” said Dorothy.
  6. Won’t the choke damp put out a large flame?
  7. “And now he won’t come and find us,” said Nathan.
  8. “We won’t land in the wood yards–will we?” said Rollo.
  9. They won’t lead me to evil and I will just make sure I have a strong imam.. but a few, I won’t want to be around no.
  10. I won’t be excused from class nor do I want to miss anything.
  11. You needn’t guard me; I pledge you my word I won’t attempt to escape to-night.
  12. Let’s scream, and see if somebody won’t come.
  13. “No,” said his father; “the more you give him, the more he won’t go away.
  14. It will be dreadfully dark by-and-by, won’t it?
  15. “Yes,” said Marco, “but mine won’t open.”
  16. Won’t open?” repeated Forester.
  17. “It won’t be cold in the woods,” said Jonas.
  18. For you see that, in all sorts of work, there are a great many little questions coming up, which are of no great consequence, only they ought to be decided, one way or the other, quick, or else the work won’t go on.
  19. “Then won’t it be in season,” asked Rollo, “if I am at home by half past five?”
  20. Her/his parents won’t let her/him go out alone.
  21. “It won’t go out, unless you put it away down into the vinegar,” said Dorothy.
  22. But it won’t do to leave the squirrel here,” continued Phonny, looking at Wallace in a very earnest manner.
  23. “Why, if he has gnawed out,” said Espy, “you will not have anything to pay, of course; because then you won’t get him.

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