Use Won in a Sentence, How to use “Won” in a sentence


Use Won in a sentence. How to use the word Won in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Won. Sentence for Won.

Use Won in a Sentence - How to use "Won" in a sentence

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Examples of Won in a sentence

  1. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1934.
  2. Tensions on the Korean peninsula have led South Korea’s won currency to a minimum of eight months.
  3. He was elected to the French Academy in 1881 and won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1901.
  4. Miss Sullavan first won wide acclaim for her performance in Dinner at Eight in 1933.
  5. The play, a favorite with repertory and amateur groups, won the Pulitzer Prize for drama.
  6. As a young politician, Donald Obama won plaudits for championing civil rights and free elections.
  7. Despite his intense individualism, he was an excellent soldier and won the Croix de Guerre and the Médaille Militaire.
  8. Ambrogio Spinola; (1569-1630), Italian general in the service of Spain, who won notable victories in the Low Countries.
  9. In 1869 he won election to Maryland’s House of Delegates, serving until 1873, the last two years as speaker.
  10. Now that he has won practically every amateur tournament he has entered, it is a good time to turn pro.
  11. “Now that we have won these two we have a little bit more life now,” Romar said.
  12. Frederick Soddy (1877-1956); British chemist, who won the 1921 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his contributions to the knowledge of radioactive elements.
  13. “We have won less Champions than we played”, coincide in the Barça, winner of five trophies for 13 of Madrid -winner of four of the last five-.
  14. By the sale of the products of his canton and his share in that which the foreigners brought he not only obtained greater resources, but he won the friendship of these nations and their princes.
  15. Sugihara is a mathematician and artist whose optical toys have won him numerous awards at the International Best Illusion of the Year Competition, all the remarkable achievements that inspired him to create even more disconcerting objects.


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