Use Within in a Sentence, How to use “Within” in a sentence


Use Within in a sentence. How to use the word Within in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Within. Sentence for Within.

Use Within in a Sentence - How to use "Within" in a sentence

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Examples of Within in a sentence

  1. Among the best known of the Afro-Asiatic subfamilies are the Semitic and Cushitic, within both of which are languages spoken by many peoples in eastern and northeastern Africa.
  2. Within the governing party, ideological splits created further pressures as the new states were subjected to increasing contact with foreign influences.
  3. Various functions within these communities, such as preaching, teaching, and presiding at the Eucharist, were eventually stabilized into permanent ministries.
  4. He agreed that the courts could intervene if the question was whether or not the Commission had acted within its jurisdiction or jurisdiction.
  5. The establishment of new dioceses and the convocation of particular councils fail within its purview.
  6. Within the subfamilies the languages resemble each other in the way that English resembles German.
  7. The northern slopes and piedmont of the Caucasus fail within the Russian federated republic, reflecting the predominance of the Russians, who moved into this area starting in the 18th century.
  8. This work is included within the cultural season of ‘Winter-Spring’ and will have the collaboration of Esther del Prado, Maribel Lara and Javier Losán.
  9. Some characteristics do not belong exclusively to one population but are found in several populations and, furthermore, are subject to considerable variation within any one population.
  10. Within this great family are 11 different subfamilies of languages.
  11. They are similar to each other in the way that the Germanic languages are similar to the Romance or Slavic languages within the Indo-European family of languages.
  12. Within this area the peoples farther south have tended to form rather large, complex political units or states, of which the Zulu is one of the best known.
  13. “Campus” within the student depends on the fictitious and the reincarnation can fly at will, the corporal form of commutation, makes the fabric that can float in the air extravagant and motley.
  14. Such a classification of culture areas cannot do justice to the richness and diversity of the variations either within or between the areas, but it does serve to point up the fallacy inherent in such terms as “African” or “tribal.”
  15. The concept of the culture area suggests how tribes in proximity tend to resemble each other, and another concept, that of “culture clusters,’ has been used to show how these similarities are frequently more intense in relatively small districts within a region.
  16. In at least one region, southwestern Nigeria, the Yoruba people have clustered in large cities while engaged primarily in farming both within and beyond the outskirts of the city.


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