Use Window in a Sentence, How to use “Window” in a sentence


Use Window in a sentence. How to use the word Window in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Window. Sentence for Window.

Use Window in a Sentence - How to use "Window" in a sentence

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Examples of Window in a sentence

  1. That owl smiled at me through the window.
  2. A window opens every December day and a Christmas image is shown below.
  3. One was over the work bench and was an ordinary window, formed with sashes.
  4. Phonny used to call this his shutter window.
  5. When the sprouts are 5 to 6 in. (12 to 15 cm) high, move the pot to a very bright window, at around 60° to 65° F (16° to 19° C).
  6. Of course there was no glass in this window, and nothing to keep out the wind and rain when it was open.
  7. Oriel Window; a bay window of an upper story supported by brackets or corbels.
  8. In France and England the oriel window is a feature of late Gothic and early Renaissance architecture, both in civic and domestic buildings.
  9. Last week, the pair of swallows left their nest in the old birch in front of my window.
  10. The clamp is secured to the edge of the window, and the cleat slid through the clamp.
  11. I saw venerable officers through the window pushing them with file carts.
  12. On Wednesday, a screen was discovered cut out of a cabin and a window was broken into.
  13. Beyond the chiaroscuro that this new stage of Movistar + may have had, Spanish fiction has undoubtedly appreciated the window of opportunities that its bet has represented, which has proven to be flexible and varied in the more than competitive panorama of television fiction.
  14. The master of a district school was accidentally looking out of the window one day, and he saw one of the boys throwing stones at a hat, which was put up for that purpose upon the fence.
  15. As Phonny stood showing the empty cage to Stuyvesant, his back was turned toward this window, but Stuyvesant was facing it.


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