Use Whom in a Sentence, How to use “Whom” in a sentence


Use Whom in a sentence. How to use the word Whom in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Whom. Sentence for Whom.

Use Whom in a Sentence - How to use "Whom" in a sentence

Examples of Whom in a sentence

  1. These evil creatures along with the subjects of Hel, formed the army against whom the gods under Odin and Thor fought vainly in the ragnarok.
  2. He resigned his academic post to become tutor to the young Henry Scott, 3d Duke of Buccleuch, whom he accompanied on a tour of France (1764-1766).
  3. I know multitudes of persons to whom the above description will exactly apply.
  4. Why there are boys in almost every school whom you would no more coax into obedience and order in this way than you would persuade the northeast wind to change its course by reasoning.
  5. The boy would probably have preferred to owe his safety to any one else than to the teacher whom he had so often tried to tease, but he was glad to escape in any way.
  6. About thirty rose; more than two thirds of whom voted that the first impression made by the persons who had since become their particular friends was unfavorable.
  7. The young ladies seem to forget that the new-comer must feel rather unpleasantly in the midst of a hundred persons to whom she is wholly a stranger, and with no one to speak to.
  8. In one corner of the room was a bed, on which was lying the patient whom we had come to visit.
  9. It disgusts the young persons to whom it is addressed, and prevents their being interested in what is said.
  10. You can at any time invite any one whom you please to come to the meeting.
  11. The men whom Cadmus sent did not return, and accordingly Cadmus himself, after waiting a suitable time, proceeded to the spot to ascertain the cause of the delay.
  12. But those for whom the story of Europa was invented, had no means of knowing how wide the Mediterranean sea might be, and whether a bull might not swim across it.

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