Use Whole in a Sentence, How to use “Whole” in a sentence


Use whole in a sentence. Sentence for whole. How to use the word whole in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word whole. How to use “whole” with example sentences.

Use Whole in a Sentence - How to use "Whole" in a sentence


Examples of whole in a sentence

*** The election of a new rabbi has divided the whole congregation.

*** By using the whole and half steps in different sequences, a variety of scales may be created; the most widely used are the major, minor, whole-tone, pentatonic, and gapped.

*** A gapped scale, of which the pentatonic is an example, is one in which the interval is larger than a whole step.


*** Early scales called “modes” were also based on a series of whole and half steps.

*** However, migrations of whole tribes or segments of them have upset many boundaries and resulted in the joint settlement of a territory by many tribes, by conquest or peaceful means.

*** They adopted islam as their religion and carried its influence across the whole stretch of the Western Sudan from the Atlantic Ocean to the western boundaries of Nigeria.

*** Plant the whole petiole or stem of the leaf in the mixture.

*** The paper cables consist of a series of wires, each wrapped in a loose cover of well-dried paper, and loosely placed together with a light spiral “loop” in a package, the whole being encased in a strong lead tube.

*** It would have been very boring to hear the whole speech.


*** The paper cables consist of a number of wires, each enveloped in a loose covering of well-dried paper, and loosely laid up together with a slight spiral ” lay ” in a bundle, the whole being enclosed in a stout lead pipe.

*** The use of whole grains (such as whole wheat pasta or whole wheat bread), vegetables, lean meats or beans and low-fat cheese can make these foods more tasty and healthy as well.

*** Spider was an older brother, a mentor, a counselor who put the whole world in his hands.

*** In a word, the Trade Association system was the whole transformation of the inductivity system and the convincing transformation of the system.

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