Use Who are in a Sentence – How to use “Who are” in a sentence


Use Who are in a sentence. How to use the word Who are in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Who are. Sentence for Who are.

Who - Sentence for Who - Use Who in a Sentence

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Examples of Who are in a sentence

  1. Enables Members ONLY to receive an e-mail about other Members who are good matches for them.
  2. Many proverbs are subue and can be understood only by those who are familiar with the culture of the user.
  3. And, frankly, it tests the credulity of those who are asked to believe that it exists.
  4. These words are generally unintelligible to those who are outside the specialty.
  5. People who are against euthanasia are called “Pro-life”; This is also the opinion of Christians who consider euthanasia a sin.
  6. People who are not from the Party can participate or abstain as they wish.
  7. They abstain and abstain from most modern things enjoyed by other Englishmen, who are now rarely abstainers.
  8. Power and nobility are vain of those who are anxious to abstain.
  9. They are abstainers and abstain from most modern things enjoyed by other Englishmen, who are now rarely abstainers.
  10. The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.
  11. We’re talking about the search for two escaped murderers who are white men.
  12. This is especially true for those who are going to become first-time parents.
  13. Individuals get to share their ideas with others through the help of reaching people who are willing to support their projects.
  14. Considering what is going on with the world today, you would think how people who are suffering from poverty, famine, people who are stuck in the middle of war, manage to get through, but they are too far from having a normal life.
  15. Magnus Aspli created series of graphic novels together with visual artists Vivian Truong, Mary Safro, and John Jamtli who are all based in Trondheim, Norway.


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