Use Whipped in a Sentence, How to use “Whipped” in a sentence


Use Whipped in a sentence. How to use the word Whipped in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Whipped. Sentence for Whipped.

Use Whipped in a Sentence - How to use "Whipped" in a sentence

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Examples of Whipped in a sentence

  1. With an electric mixer, beat the whipped cream in a large bowl to obtain smooth peaks.
  2. My mortified parents consented and I was publicly whipped in the village square.
  3. We whipped every square inch of that pond.
  4. I was advancing toward him, not with any intent to harm him, instead the precise reverse, and he, seeing that I would not stop, whipped a pistol out of his belt and fired at me.
  5. As the boat slowly approached the treetop his sharp, beady eyes followed the movement of my flies as the rod whipped back and forth.
  6. The child may be whipped, or tied to the bed-post, and kept in a constrained and uncomfortable position for a long time, or shut up in solitude and darkness, or punished by the infliction of bodily suffering in other ways.
  7. They decided that this was contempt of court, and sentenced him to be whipped, put in the pillory, and imprisoned.
  8. Then, all of a sudden, he whipped out a revolver and stuck the muzzle right in my face.
  9. One boy got well whipped for this and there was a free-for-all fight.
  10. Whipped into scarlet by the sudden plunge from a stove-heated store into the frosty night her young cheeks fairly blazed their bright reaction.
  11. Lazy mud minnows were whipped from their retreats, and a beautiful red salamander that I sent whizzing through the air wriggled among the brown leaves upon the ground.
  12. ‘Drop it!’ says I; an’ he dropped it, for he know’d he’d whipped, and he was pretty tired hisself.
  13. Here a most awful conflict ensued for about the space of ten seconds, when the right whipped off all of a sudden, as I thought, fairly vanquished.


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