Use While in a Sentence, How to use “While” in a sentence


Use While in a sentence. How to use the word While in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word While. Sentence for While.

Use While in a Sentence


Examples of While in a sentence

  1. * He led the National League in 1899 with a .408 average while playing with Philadelphia, and the American League in 1902 with .376 while playing with Washington.
  2. * The coastal region west of Lisbon is noted for its resorts, while the interior is devoted to agriculture.
  3. * Do not touch a shock victim while he is electrified.
  4. * In 1935, while the Ivory Coast was still under French control, the colonial capital was moved to Abidjan from Bingerville.
  5. * While David was in hiding from King Saul, he requested provisions from Nabal, to whom he had given protection.
  6. * Drownings occurring on home premises and while at work are not ineluded in these totals.
  7. * Accounting follows the basic concept that the value of a dollar remains constant while other things may change in value in relation to a dollar.
  8. *** Jack read a lot of books and magazines while he was ill.
  9. *** We saw Amanda while we were waiting fo a bus.
  10. *** I hurt my arm while I was doing the housework.
  11. *** I met Mike while I was shopping
  12. *** We met a lot of people while we were on holiday.
  13. *** Can you wait here while I make a quick phone call?
  14. *** Don’t open the car door while the car is moving.
  15. *** While you were out, there was a phone call for you.
  16. *** He was reading a book while I was watching television.
  17. *** I hope to see him while I am there
  18. * While we were watching, we saw the men harpoon him.
  19. *** The aerial photographs showed huge camps in the south of England full of tanks, artillery and supplies, while the ports of the British coast were full of ships and landing craft.
  20. * While the syntax of continental Celtic, or Gaulish, does not seem much different from that of the other Indo-European languages, as far as we are able to judge from the few inscriptions, the general character of insular Celtic seems completely different.
  21. * Parents are concerned that only 7% of the school’s budget is being allocated towards purchasing sports equipment, while over 65% will go towards increasing salaries for teachers and other staff.
  22. * In the words of the 1960-1965 economic plan, “while agriculture is considered as the first sector, which constitutes the framework of the whole of production, industry is considered as the only path to economic progress and continued development.”
  23. * Mike listened while he was drinking his coffee.
  24. * Between the mid-1950’s and the mid-1960’s the USSR provided approximately $90 million in aid and military equipment annually, while the United States gave half that amount but no military assistance.
  25. * Some are very similar to each other in all cultural aspects, while each retains a sense of its difference and distinctiveness.
  26. * Most agriculturalists are sedentary, remaining in a fixed site while practicing crop rotation, irrigation, fertilization, and other devices for maintaining soil fertility.

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