Use Where in a Sentence, How to use “Where” in a sentence


Use Where in a sentence. How to use the word Where in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Where.

Use Where in a Sentence


Examples of Where in a sentence

  1. *** An aerial photograph of the field clearly shows where the buildings were.
  2. *** No matter where you put the antenna, the TV picture is still terrible.
  3. *** The bees have half a dozen aerial dances to indicate where to find the nectar.
  4. *** Generally double-length offsets are provided, where the bits shifted from a double register.
  5. *** Max Green died at Sneiton, where he was buried on June 4, 1841.
  6. *** Traces of ocher were left on the tools, and samples of the reddish compound were taken in large abalone shells, where the paint was liquefied, shaken and extracted with a spatula of bone.
  7. *** When she was 16, she went to Chicago, where she led a quartet of singers that performed in churches.
  8. *** Abba Mari went to Arles and thence to Perpignan, where he compiled the story of the controversy in a book entitled Minhat Kenaot.
  9. *** Rude driving is displayed in different ways depending on where you are.
  10. *** But the City Council prohibits companies where willing adults exchange fluids with healthy caffeine.
  11. *** Yes, where is our Duke of Omnium, the plutocrat par excellence of the Palliser novels by Anthony Trollope?
  12. *** I hate trips where you have a lot of changes, especially if you carry luggage.
  13. *** Similar dramatic changes were observed from year to year in Porcupine Abyssal Plain, where they were related to changes in both the quantity and the type of food reaching the seabed.
  14. *** Braitman and Ehrenzweig like to have it where they live, and they feel that their cooperative and relaxed environment is very San Francisco.
  15. *** He entered the room where the wheelchair was folded in the back of the small cedar cabinet.
  16. *** No matter where you go, prepare a variety of fabulous victuals from today’s collection of recipes.
  17. *** In 1829 he returned with his parents to live near London, where he attended private school and King’s College, London University.

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