Use Whatever in a Sentence, How to use “Whatever” in a sentence


How to use the word Whatever in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Whatever.

Use Whatever in a Sentence - How to use "Whatever" in a sentence

Examples of Whatever in a sentence

  1. Whatever you choose, clicking on “Singles Search” either at the top or bottom of the Search page returns a list of up to 200 members who meet the search criteria you’ve set.
  2. Those who interrupted threw the puzzled speaker with whatever was at hand.
  3. The motor offers an instantaneous acceleration whatever the speed.
  4. Women, whatever their destiny, always absurdly judge the intellects of children.
  5. Whatever may be the nature of the effect which he aims at accomplishing, he ought fully to understand it, and to appreciate justly the difficulties which lie in the way.
  6. They are intended to denote periods during which all the scholars are in their seats, with their work laid aside, ready to attend to whatever the teacher may desire to bring before the whole school.
  7. Whatever the teacher does will seem to be more deliberate, and, in fact, will be more deliberate.
  8. If there is, on any account whatever, any doubt whether you are prepared, you must sit.
  9. In the first stage, learning to read a book is of no use whatever without the voice of the living teacher.
  10. A class should go on slowly, and dwell on details so long as to fix firmly and make perfectly familiar whatever they undertake to learn.
  11. Present it in its details and in its practical exemplifications; do this with any subject whatever, and children will always be interested.
  12. Are we never, on any occasion whatever, to leave our seats in study hours?
  13. Obtain, whatever may be the trouble and expense, all other text-books on the subject, and examine them thoroughly.
  14. Sometimes, as, for example, in a common private school, the parents are not organized, and whatever influence they exert they must exert in their individual capacity.

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