Use What in a Sentence, How to use “What” in a sentence


Use what in a sentence. Sentence for what. How to use the word what in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word what. How to use “what” with example sentences.

Use What in a Sentence - How to use "What" in a sentence

Examples of what in a sentence

  1. That is what the police will try to discover and it will be what he will try to hide by all means.
  2. What added to the fines and interest over the years have made him the person who owes more for the non-payment of the tax in Spain.
  3. “Not even with three lives could I pay what they ask for, they have ruined my life”, she says through tears, the one affected by EL ESPAƑOL.
  4. In 1915, after the company decided to restrict its activities, Carrier and six coworkers founded what is now Carrier Corporation.
  5. The invaders have destroyed the, oh, I do not know what the correct word is: the atmosphere, the environment.
  6. What will future historians do in the late twentieth century?
  7. This method ensures control of the configuration of software problems, and forms what is also clearly the prerequisite of software administration.
  8. DOnald says: “What are the victuals for?
  9. Faced with global competition, what supply chain strategies should companies in the garment industry adopt?
  10. I was surprised by what I saw.
  11. Have you ever been struck by what the tourist considers most picturesque about a country that the local resident often considers embarrassing and unprogressive?
  12. What we do must manage the needs of many.
  13. What is the conditioned response? Nausea. Perfect.
  14. Who knows what effect acetyl has?
  15. These statistics give a misleading impression of what is happening in the economy.
  16. What caliber weapon was used to shoot the Vargas brothers?
  17. What she had felt at nineteen, hatred was all that was left now, and hatred should impart strength.
  18. What is the difference between affiliate and regular membership?
  19. Those skilled in the art are responsible for studying cells from a molecular point of view, this is what is known as molecular biology.

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