Use went in a sentence

Use went in a sentence. How to use the word went in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word went. How to use “went” with example sentences

Definition of went

Examples of went in a sentence

*** The accountant went to prison for juggling the accounts of his company.

*** She went to intervene between the two men.

*** We went to Blue Lotus. It has a pleasant atmosphere, appropriate for an informal evening with friends.

*** Donald and I went back to the car and drove south, past shrimp stands and left old sugar mills.

*** And as they stared up at the sky as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white.

*** The ship went out in the wind with all the courtyards behind.

*** It comforted him to know that he had an alternative plan if things went badly.

*** When everything was over, we went to the accompaniment of the organ.

*** With the tires screaming under acceleration, the driver went after the car that disappeared.

*** Crowley vaguely remembered a pipe and a cardi? Gan with the kind of zigzag pattern that went out of style in 1938.

*** Taking an absurdly long race, I tore my first attempt so badly that it went through the left post.

*** At one stage, the entire congregation went out to the street to see where the drainage ditch would be located.

*** They visited the Houses of Parliament, went to the London Zoo.

*** A bus full of Democrats went to the zoo on Wednesday to visit Binti.

*** When he went to the zoo, he passed by the elephants’ house quickly so that the irreverent viewer would not make comparisons.

*** They knew that we went to the zoo, but not that we were in marriage therapy.

*** She went with her husband to England in November 1255.

*** He edited Universalist literature at Philadelphia and New York, then went to Boston where he founded (1831) the Investigator.

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