Use Well known in a Sentence, How to use “Well known” in a sentence


Use Well-known in a sentence. How to use the word Well-known in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Well-known. Sentence for Well-known.

Well-known - Sentence for Well-known - Use Well-known in a Sentence


Examples of Well-known in a sentence

  1. Gutiérrez Nájera was born in Mexico City on Dec. 22, 1859, the son of a well-known journalist.
  2. Donald Dove was a well-known English educator on higher education.
  3. Trump was a well-known educator of English in higher education.
  4. On the left sides are well-known expressions for the radial and tangential components of acceleration.
  5. But Rank Xerox is big and well-known, and this should make it easier to talk to people.
  6. He appointed the well-known social worker Florence Kelley as state factory inspector.
  7. She has got to be the most well-known talk show host in the world today, because of her day-time talk show that has been running since 2003.
  8. Angelina Jolie may be known for doing quite a few films, but she is actually more well-known for being a philanthropist.
  9. With these works, he became one of the biggest well-known opera composer.
  10. Today, it is a well-known story due to the massive awareness that has been created around it.
  11. The brilliant part is that they were all made to look like today’s politicians, which completely transforms the way we perceive these well-known figures.
  12. If the pupils can sing, there may be a single verse, or sometimes two verses, of some well-known hymn sung after the prayer at the opening of the school.
  13. The god Haoma is the well-known god Soma of the Arians in India, the variation in the name being due to the change of sounds which distinguishes the Old Bactrian from the language of the Veda.
  14. The little son of a well-known writer went with his mother for the first time in his life to service in the Church of England.
  15. The cattle which had lain down, began to get up, and the horses neighed in their stalls; for the shining of the lantern in the barn was the well-known signal which called them to breakfast.

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