Use Week in a Sentence, How to use “Week” in a sentence


Use Week in a sentence. How to use the word Week in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Week. Sentence for Week.

Use Week in a Sentence - How to use "Week" in a sentence

Definition of Week

  • noun
    • a period of seven days.
    • the seven-day period is generally considered from and until midnight on Saturday night.
    • work days compared to the weekend; five days from Monday to Friday.

Examples of Week in a sentence

  1. The disease develops within a week after exposure.
  2. That was a week of alternative rain and sun.
  3. Sometimes a week would elapse without his seeing his wife at all.
  4. The first week is hell; jet lag and a slow nausea that I can not explain.
  5. Case 3: a 74-year-old diabetic insulin dependent woman had a history of nausea for a week and poor diabetic control.
  6. Within a week after ovulation has the feeling of nausea the week before menstruation, leucorrhea is thin.
  7. We had a week of alternative rain and sun.
  8. Not only have they been reserved for whole months for the week of the convention, but their meeting rooms are full of luxurious receptions.
  9. One week between Christmas and New Year.
  10. Gianfranco Zola, who retired today, Wednesday, a week before turning 39, thanked the Chelsea fans for giving him the impetus to continue so long in his career.
  11. The phone’s rotation was redrawn so that the week was divided by five, not six.
  12. A group of mothers who work one shift a week can take care of the arrangements for this.
  13. They met about once a week to transact such business as appointing officers, making and repealing regulations, and inquiring into the state of the Lyceum.
  14. It was about a week after the death of Mary before the arrangements were completed for Elizabeth’s journey to London, to take possession of the castles and palaces which pertain there to the English sovereigns.

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