Use Weedy in a Sentence, How to use “Weedy” in a sentence


Use Weedy in a sentence. How to use the word Weedy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Weedy. Sentence for Weedy.

Use Weedy in a Sentence - How to use "Weedy" in a sentence

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Examples of Weedy in a sentence

  1. A bittern, too, stood in the weedy marsh.
  2. Two weedy species in the eastern United States are the hoary tick clover, D. canadense, and the Spanish tick clover, D. tortuosum.
  3. The desert of Kuwait is covered with patches of coarse, weedy grass and small bushes.
  4. For want of something better to do, I pushed my way into the weedy marsh until I reached a prostrate tree-trunk that during the last freshet had stranded there.
  5. How clearly we saw in the corner of the weedy old worm-fence the stupid opossum bungling along, and awoke with a start as the clumsy creature sprang the trap from the outside!
  6. Twice a song-sparrow came, bathed in the lotus-tub, and, when not foraging in the weedy corners, sang its old-fashioned song, now so seldom heard within town limits.
  7. So, the sloping hillside and the weedy meadows, brilliant with every shade of freshest green and starred with a hundred tints, roseate, golden, and white, call for an infinite power of contemplation, and leave the wanderer dazed.
  8. Up from the glistening expanse of weedy meadows comes the blithe song of the sparrow; out from the misty depths of the river valley floats the triumphant cawing of the crow.
  9. There are several other species of the same family (the finches) here in the same weedy pastures, and far oftener all are singing than that any are silent.
  10. The modest, peaceful valley of the Delaware River, from the head of tide-water southward, is as little suggestive of the Arctic Circle, for at least nine months of the year, as do its low and weedy banks in summer suggest the tropics.


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